Ab Muscles During 2nd Amp 3rd Trimester

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Missy - April 19

I was going to the gym 5 or 6 days a week before I was pregnant. I am now 16.5 weeks and I haven't been to the gym since i have been pregnant. I know I can't do sit ups or lay flat on my back, but what can I do to strenghen my ab muscles and low back muscles while I am pregnant?


KellyB - April 19

I went out and bought one of those exercise videos for pregnant people. I know that pre-natal yoga is supposed to be good for strength. I have seen a lot of videos and pregnancy magazine in using that exercise ball which keeps you off the floor. I am 24 weeks and occa__sionally will due some crunch style exercises on that, that I saw in a pregnancy magazine. Fit Pregnancy is a good magazine.


Missy - April 19

Do you know if the machines for your abs at the gym can hurt the baby? You know, the ones where you are sitting on the chair and you either pull down or pull up depending if you are working lower or upper abs? What about back extensions? Any help is very much appreciated!!!! Thanks!!


J - April 20

Missy, I use those abs machines that you've described. Because my dr. said "no exercise restrictions," I've continued doing it. However, I lowered the weight, and do fewer reps (and try not to hold my breath which is not good). I"m not a dr., but I don't think you can squish or otherwise harm the baby. But I do think there will come a time when this machine is no longer comfortable to use.


Silvie - April 28

Hi guys....I am four months now...and still doing some ab work out lying flat/only b/c I still feel alright/..but entering next month I will have to stop.So I am switching slowly to work out while lying on side,or there are some great ones,while sitting on chair and lifting legs, so U dont even need gym. My Mom was doing the same stuff while pregnant with me and my Sis and due to that she has got perfectly flat abs, no strech marks ..nothing!


Nada Abdo - June 22

I got cholestase gravidique in last year while i was in my third trimester and now i am pregnant again but in my 2 nd trimester, should this come again or not? Thanks


Melissa - June 23

Keep up with the ab exercises girls. My friend is a nurse and she says that women who have strong ab muscles experience a quicker labour due to the fact that the are stronger for when it comes time to pushing. Keep doing them as long as they are safe for pregnant ladies, you will thank yourself later!



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