Any Athletes Out There

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Em - February 20

Hi ladies, I was just wondering if any of you do any serious training and how have you altered your workout routines from before? How are your energy levels, how far along are you, and after giving birth, how soon do you think you will go back to hard training? Thanks for your input in advance...


newmom24 - February 20

Hi there- I am 28 weeks and still do a pretty strenuous schedule ( according to the books ) I was a power lifter, runner, hiker,etc before my pregnancy. Right now I still lift weights but have had to modify quite a bit now. No more squats or jerky or bouncing movements- nothing unstable that I could get injured. My energy levels were great in the 2nd trimester, but in the past week they have dropped a bit. I need more sleep, but I am unable to get it. I cannot sleep!! My boy is due in early may, so if it all goes well I should be exercising right away, but not heavy training for a few weeks. My body will need to make its normal adjustments before I go nuts again! Just think positive and we both will be back at er again hard in no time. How far along are you? What sports or trianing regime are you doing? My advice ( if you are less than 3rd trimester) is to listen to your body. I am a Sports Fitness Trainer too, so my experience has really helped me through this. Do not read too much into exact heart rates,etc. Every woman is so differnt with her fitness level. Just be smart about it. If something feels not right stop. Keep a training log too. It helps for motivation on those really tired days. I hope my feedback helped a bit. Cheers


Em - February 20

Hi newmom24, thanks so much for your answer...I've actually started thinking that there isn't anyone like you out there!! It's really good to know that someone else is taking their training seriously as well...I used to be heavily into fitness, running, spinning, teaching powerstep, sprinting, you name it..I also used to lift 3 times a week, just to keep my muscle tone. During the first trimester I had very little energy, so I quit doing weights (now I regret it, it seems like I've lost most of my muscles in no time), and I had to cut down on my cardio as well. Now in the second trimester, just like you, I felt good again, so I started doing cardio on a regular basis, 6 times a week again, just not as long or as intense as before..(I would guess at around 80 % intensity, I don't use a heart rate monitor, I just go by how I feel) BTW, I'm 25.5 wks, I'm due around the end of May, and I'm also having a boy! Congrats to you and thanks for your great comment!


Kate - February 21

Hey Em, I did a lot of biking, running, swimming and weight training prior to getting pregnant (I just had my second baby -- a little girl / my first is a boy). I really slowed down when I got pregnant since I had two late m/c prior to having my first baby. I went to only walking -- 5 miles / 4-5 X week, swimming, and I lifted light weights. It is only 9 months (okay 10.. ) so it isn't that bad and not worth the issues it can bring. Every doctor has his / her own opinion about running and strenous exercise. My doctor was okay with everything but running -- he just said it isn't worth putting all that weight on two muscles for 9 months. ~ I had pretty good energy levels with both pregnancies and I dropped weight like crazy when I gave birth. I had my little girl at the beginning of this month and 4 days after - I had already lost 20 pounds. I had 5 left but my jeans are already fitting better so I might even have less. I started walking again (again some doctors won't let you start walking this early.. mine is fine with it). I go back to my doctor in 4 weeks... if I am released to excercise I will start training again... I can't wait!! :) ~ So.. my point is.. give yourself a break. Keep in shape but don't kill yourself. You will be surprised how fast you bounce back! ~ Good luck on both your baby boys. Also... just an fyi.. you will probably find labor a breeze because you are in such great shape. I actually enjoy labor! :)


Lucy - February 23

Right now, I'm 12 weeks and have very little energy. I do force myself to go to the gym at least three to four times a week since I know the importance of exercising. I've always been extremely athletic and know how this can help you with the delivery. My first child was a breeze and I thank all the exercise for that. It took me two months to lose all the weight and get back to my pre pregnancy weight by going to the gym five times a week and doing a combination of different cardio cla__ses, weight lifting, and running. I don't plan to exercise as hard but will stick to yoga, pilates, and mild weight lifting. Good luck.



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