Any Luck With Work Out Videos

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jill - November 2

I am 8 weeks post delivery by c-section. I have lost 25 lbs but would like to lose 20 more. I try to walk when my husband gets home from work or if the weather is nice with my baby outside. I would like to purchase a good home workout video that will work if I do it. I don't want to waste a bunch of money on something I will watch once. Anyone have any ideas? I heard pilates were good. Any specific recommendations? Thanks


Steph - November 2

Hi Jill, Pilates are great! You are right there are so many out there. I myself do not know any, but walking and pilates are a great start. I do know from other woman that have tried videos after delivery like Kathy Smith videos. And pilates. Just make sure you have a balance of muscular strength and cardio. Good luck with everything


erin - November 5

I'd say a combination of walking and Pilates. Pilates is great for toning and muscles, but it doesn't provide much cardio benefits, if at all. And I find Kathy Smith hard to follow, although maybe it's just me!


Jenn - November 7

I went crazy with videos after my baby. I tried pilates and still do them occasionally but it's not my favorite. There is also a workout series called slim in 6 (6 weeks) It is cardio and muscle toning. I like it. My favorite that has worked the best for me and my sisters is The Firm. It's close to an hour long but I love it. I works every part of your body and gets your heart rate up for cardio. The Firm has a lot of different videos but the one I am talking about is total body and has a picture of a lady with long blonde hair in a yellow outfit.


jil - November 7

thank you for your input. Seems like my baby won't let me get anything done. I will have to look into those videos.


kokybee - November 10

I do winsor pilates, i started seeing results in 2 weeks , my sister even noticed before i said something, also the new prevention belly b___t and thighs is really awsome, it is divided into 3 10 mintue segments letting you pick either belly,,, b___t,,,, or thighs or all 3.


Azucar - November 15

I really like the Transfirmer. Also-- I'd reccommend Crunch Burn and Firm Pilates (And Zumba, for a fun workout)



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