Any Running Mommies Out There

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SA - January 30

I went to the doctor yesterday (about 6 weeks) and the ultrasound showed a fetal heartbeat. Yea!!! But I'm still spotting. Mostly brown, but more now. The doctor said no s_x and no running for a week. We'll have to see after that. Again, anybody out there with similar experience-running and spotting? It is only happening after any type of exercise (even just walking).


EricaB - March 20

Running is how I knew I was pregnant! I have been married for ten years, running for many of them. I have been running half marathons and marathons, and was training for Shamrock in Virginia---which was to be this weekend! There I was, running my scheduled 17 miles on my treadmill. I knew it then. My heart rate is normally 145-150 during long runs, and I can run without stopping. On this occasion, I was dizzy, with a HR of 175! It wouldn't slow. I had to keep taking breaks, six to be exact. I would sit or rest for 2 or 3 min then get back on. I was determined to keep going and get the miles in, no matter what! The pregnancy test that day came back negative, but I knew the truth. One week later, positive test.


RF - March 21

I don't run anymore, but I have been working out and staying active for the last 12 years. I do weight training cla__ses, spinning cla__ses, free weights, and cardio. I snowboard (which I just stopped because of the baby), hike, bike, snowshoe, etc. I'm now 12 weeks pregnant, and I worked out on average 5 times per week throughout the first trimester. I did immediately find the cardio more and more difficult, but I do what I can without bringing my body temperature up too high. This past week I had a cold and fever and the Doctor told me not to workout until all symptoms have disappeared. Is this overly overcautious? I listened to him, but spent the last couple of days walking for an hour+ on the treadmill because I just can't seem to stay away and I feel 0 exercise is unhealthy. I still have a cold, but no fever, and want to get back to my regular routine. Anyone have any insight into this?



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