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Melissa - March 16

I am 20 yrs old and about 11.5 weeks pregnant with my first child. Prior to pregnancy I went to the gym 4-6 times per week for appx 1 hr 15 mins each time. I would do both cardio and strength training. I have not been to the gym in about 7 weeks due to moving to a new home and fatigue from the pregnancy. I would like to maintain a healthy body during pregnancy but do not, at the present moment, have the time to make it to the gym and have a hard time getting motivated by things such as yoga - I prefer getting my heart rate up there but with the pregnancy I know I have to take things a bit easier. What recommendations do you have to keep my legs, butt, abs, back and arms in good shape?? I would like to do things at home, but I don't know what to do if I am not at the gym with machines....I have always been in good shape, naturally thin but I don't want to lose all my muscle tone because I pregnant...I just need to know what I can do at home to maintain overall body tone during my pregnancy


rb - March 17

hi melissa - like you, i went to the gym at least 4/5 times a week, and now haven't trained in over a month... you can still do the same things you did before but just with a little less intensity - if your body is used to working out, then you're not doing anything out of the ordinary. i know i haven't trained because of fatigue but am planning to go back as soon as possible. i always tell my clients (some of whom are also pregnant) that if they want to tone, lift lighter weights, more reps... as far as cardio goes, decrease the level of intensity so that you are still able to carry on a normal conversation while doing cardio... the rule of thumb is not to strain yourself. good luck with your program... let me know if you need specific safe exercises!


Melissa - March 17

Thanks rb! What are some things I can do at home that will keep my thigh, hip and b___t muscles tone - and also my back, as I hear that I will be needing those muscles during labor! This is my first pregnancy and I want to do things right, but I am unsure of what to do. I don't have alot of time to go to the gym, so I have been trying to do lunges and sumo squats at home, and leg lifts while laying on my side. I know that now that I am entering my 2nd trimester I shouldn't be laying on my back. Any suggestions for the lower body area? How many squats and lunges do you recommend? What about for the upper body? I don't know what to do for my upper body at home. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!! BTW - how far along are you? Is this your first?


Kel - April 26

Hey Mellisa Im a personal trainer from Orange County, Ca and am also currently pregnant. Im at 14 wks and have still been training clients and doing my usual workouts. Now that you dont have access to the machines the best thing to do for is walking. You can also do squats or lunges with or with out weights. That will also keep your b___t and legs toned. As far as situps or anything for your belly, avoid while pregnant. It is not good for you or the baby. Also while brushing teeth, or doing hair and makeup you can do calf lifts. This will keep you calf muscles toned and in shape. Its a good habit to have. Just go up an down on your tippy toes, if your calfs start burning your doing it right.


Melissa - April 26

Thanks Kel. I am now 17.5 weeks pregnant. I went back to the gym last weekend - oh boy was I feeling it Monday morning. I am looking for something to get my arms and my back back into shape - four months out of the gym and I am looking like spaghetti! Also, is there anything that I can do for the hamstrings and b___t area - though my fiance swears there is nothing there I swear there is some cottage cheese going on!! If you would like to email me, let me know and I can shoot you my email address - we are pretty close to eachother - I am in Orange County as well.



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