Beach Volleyball In First Trimester

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Lynn - May 6

I just found out i was four weeks pregnant and i play in abeach volleyball league in the summer. Does anyone know if this is safe? I really want to play but don't want to put the baby in any danger. Help!


VA - June 29

No need to be insulting. Beach volleyball is fine. Do you play A or above? If so, I'm a__suming you have enough coordination to avoid getting hit hard w/ the ball. Couple of things to remember. First, you can collide w/ your partner or come down wrong and fall on your belly, neither are very likely but something to keep in mind. Second, really watch overheating. Your body temperature should not exceed 102 degrees or else you risk higher chances of certain types of birth defects. Avoid these by keeping hydrated, take all your timeouts to take a break during the game, and stay in the shade in between games. I know plenty of people who played doubles on sand and on gra__s during their first trimester. Take the above precautions and your risk should be minimal.


KimberGour - July 1

I am 11 weeks pregnant & I also play sand volleyball - I play on (3) teams a week - I have made the decision out of guilt of not feeling like I am doing the right thing, that yesterday would be my last day....I do my best to protect myself, no diving etc...but I find myself getting ran intoby other players...b/c of the shape of my uterus I am already a "high risk" doctor did say I can play out the summer season that my uterus is well protected, but like I said, out of guilt of knowing I am not doing the right thing...last night was my last.....I always have next year right!


KG - July 17

i think playing vball is fine as long as you're not diving. i'm 6 weeks along and have been playing every week before and after i found out i was pregnant. (albeit indoor, not beach) but i think it's fine as long as you're not colliding with anyone or diving. i play at the A/B level.


shroomgrl79 - August 23

wow I wasnt aware that ????? was a doctor probably has no clients what with being rude and all....I am actually 23 weeks and still playing on my league. I am the team captain So I kinda feel obligated. My doctor told me it would be fine until I hit my 6 month mark. I am pretty dedicated and I stay hydrated and everyone on my league knows I am pregnant not to mention I have been playing with the same team for years....So they know to watch it so to speak =) Also I have played on a couple unfamiliar teams and learned that ball control makes the world of difference. Being pregnant you kinda have to play with a team that knows what they are doing so you dont have to dive as much for there bad hope I could give a little insite on this.



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