Belly Support For Joggers

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Jen - March 21

I am in my 6th month and still jogging. I read in a book somewhere that a belly support strap is a good option for people who exercise. I saw some at Baby's R Us this weekend. Anyone ever try one of these? Does it help with belly support while running? Is it comfortable? Thanks, Jen


S - April 28

Hi Jen..I dont have experience with belly supporst strap yet b/c I am not too far as U R....I am 15 weeks now but I guess it is a great idea..and I am gonna buy one when I get bigger to decrease the impact of pounding. I do jog too and it feels seems to like it too.Take care!


CC - April 29

Hi: I am also in my 6th month (27.5 wks) and jogging, and bought the belly support strap some time back as I was afraid my belly would start bouncing at some point. So far this has not happened, likely because my belly is still relatively small, and I have felt no stress at all on my tummy or pelvic area when I do jog. I am saving the belt for when that does happen, or if my back starts to ache... One thing I have noticed is that my capacity has decreased over the last few weeks; my legs seem to tire more quickly, and I attribute this to the extra load I am carrying. What has worked for me is breaking up my run into 5-minute jogs, alternating with walking. I still put in the distance, just at a more geriatric pace and not all in one sprint :-). The days I don't jog I have experienced leg cramps at night, so it has been a very positive activity for me to keep up. Keep it up. I agree with S, the baby seems to quite enjoy the activity, and it is so good mentally. Plus, my doctor says staying fit will help the overall delivery and recovery process. Nice to meet some other joggers. Let us know how it's going. Take care!


Alma - May 5

I was just really thinking about this and couldn't jogging be shaking the baby and couldn't that cause some detrimental effects on brain function. It makes sense


CC - May 9

Hi Alma: According to my doctors (family md and obgyn), the benefits of pursuing (particularly if you were active pre-pregnancy) physical activity far outweigh the detriments. The baby is very comfy and well surrounded by amniotic liquid, and is not in any danger unless there is another issue, i.e. risk of the placenta detaching. I go for regular check-ups every two weeks, and have had three ultrasounds, and baby seems to be developing really well at 29 wks. I guess everyone should check with their doctor first and determine what is best in their particular situation.


Jessica - May 25

my cousin's wife is and fanatic when it comes to jogging and running. She ran throughout her pregnancy and used one of those belly belts even when she wasn't jogging cause it helped support the belly. She runs about 5-6 miles a day even when she was at her largest. She went on to have a beautiful baby boy last june and he is healthy.



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