Can Exercise Hurt Or Kill Baby

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Missy - April 25

I went to the gym 5-6 times per week prior to pregnancy. The past few (4) months we have been remodeling and I have just felt c__ppy. I went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, kept my HR under 140 (or slowed when I realized it was climbing higher than that). But now I am worried. My doc told me initially that I didn't have any restrictions except no lying flat on back or stomach for any excercises, so I didn't do that. But can cardio for 20 minutes hurt the baby? I am 17 weeks along now. I haven't really felt any movement yet, but then again this is my first pregnancy so I am not surprised. I hope I am just worrying, but any words from you guys would really make me feel better...thanks!


Misty - April 25

I am sure you are fine. This is my second baby and I am almost 16 weeks and can't feel the baby yet. And I know what kicks feel like!!! The baby just has to get bigger and stronger still for you to feel anything, usually around 20 weeks. So you have almost 1 month to go. And exercise is fine, supposedly twisting movements are potentially harmfull too, so I would knock those out if you have any. I am wanting to be in better shape for my pregnancy and delivery, but I am very workout illiterate :-) So I ordered a Pilates for pregnant women off the internet. If they make workouts specifically for pregnant women you know it can't be harmfull. Just as always consult your doc before starting any exercise routine. You have already done that, that was mostly for anyone else that reads this. There could be underlying issues that keep you from being able to safely exercise. GL.


Candice M - April 29

I've been trying to find the pilates for pregnany on DVD and have had no luck. Is it only available on line? I haven't tried Wal-mart yet.


Misty - May 5

I have a pregnancy for pregnant women DVD that I got online from It is called Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy. I haven't gotten past the warm-up part of the video yet because I have only had it for a couple of days. I wish I could tell you more.


Misty - May 5

Haha "a pregnancy for pregnant women"? What was I thinking. I meant a pilates for pregnant women



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