Cant Find The Energy

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Sarah - January 20

im 8wks pregnant and my dr says i should swim to help all my back and stomach muscles but i havent got the energy by the time i finish work and cook dinner im exhausted! Am i just lazy or is it normal to have no energy


Leahp - January 21

Heck no!!!! Your not lazy your body is working for two now!! I know exactly how you feel! I found out last weekend that I'm five weeks pregnant and I haven't even cooked dinner once this week, my poor husband has eaten pizza like three times, so you're ahead of me! I've heard after you get into the second trimester your energy level will rise again, so don't worry!! So your doctor advised swimming, I'm getting ready to sign up for a aquacise cla__s, they're a lot of fun!!! You might want to try that, at least you'll have an instructor to keep you going!!! Good Luck!!!


c - January 24

i agree with leah. i am lucky enough to live on the pacific... and for the first half of my pregnancy it was very warm... one of the things i looked foreward to most was bobbing around in the ocean. i always feel like i have more energy when i excercise regularly. sometimes you just have to get out there and do it anyway. you know? Good Luck!!!


Nick - January 24

I am 9 weeks and am so tired every day and have been since week 5. As hard as it is to get off of the couch I find I have more energy on the days that I drag myself to the gym.


Sarah - January 24

Thanks guys, I am really looking forward to after 12wks and i might have some energy! At the moment the morning sickness and tiredness it taking it out of me! I love to swim so i might try the aqua thingy. I wish I lived near the ocean but there isnt any for ages where i live. When are all you guys due


c - January 24

I have 4 more weeks. I'm due on the Feb. 14th. It's getting intense... I'm so anxious and nervous!!!


c - January 24

I don't know why I said the 14th... I'm loosing it. I meant the 17th.


Sarah - January 24

Thats really close, I would be getting so excited by that stage!


Aiyana - February 2

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