Curves Workout And Pregnancy

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Suzanne - September 15

Are any of you doing a Curves workout and pregnant? I am ttc and am thinking about joining. I don't want to sign a contract, though, if it is going to be too strenuous. Any ideas?


Becca - September 16

I recently joined curves and I love it. You sign the contract, but if a dr tells you that you can't workout there because you are pg, then they suspend your contract until you can workout again. So that's no problem. Is the workout too strenuous? I don't know, I guess it depends on you. I think you can modify your workout ot make it work when you are pg, but it is up to you and your doctor.


Suzanne - September 19

Would you just not do the abdominal machines? I wondered about the heart rate as well. Thanks, Becca.


Julia - September 19

I joined Curves about 6 weeks ago. I really like it! I haven't managed to get there more than twice a week but I enjoy it. One thing is usually on the heart rate check I am at 21-22. My heart rate just doesn't go up that high, even though I try as hard as I can. On Friday morning I went and my heart rate shot up to 27, in the top level! I slowed right down but then got all light headed and finally quit early. I didn't want to pa__s out. I am 10dpo, could this be a sign of pg? Or something else? It was weird.


Amber - September 19

I joined curves the month before i got pregnant, I still go but less often. I don't have much energy or drive to go, but the workout is easy to adjust to pregnancy. I have just slowed down on everything. Instead of jogging in place on the cardio section, i just walk at a nice pace. Every like 8 minutes you check your heartrate, so you will be able to tell if your overdoing it or not.


Becca - September 19

Suzanne, they told me that once I got pg I couldn't do the ab workout, and check with my doctor about the other stuff. I guess it is different for everyone. Also, I am not sure about the heartrate. I get up to 27-28 regularly, occasionally I get to 30, but that makes me feel kind of nauseous. My midwife said that I should regulate my workout by my breathing when I get pg. For instance, I should always be able to carry on a regular conversation while working out, and if I get out of breath, then I need to slow down. Regular exercise is supposed to be good for ttc, so I'm not going to cut back on my workout until I get that double line! Julia, I don't know about your sudden heart rate jump. The only time I had to quit early is when I didn't eat before I worked out - that made me not feel well. Perhaps you should ask the manager there. Amber, do you know what your heart rate should be when you are pg?


Julia - September 20

I've read online that your heart rate should not go above 140, so that's around 23 for the hr check. I did go again last night but just took it easy. I was nervous about getting lightheaded again! I did tell one of the staff there. She asked if I had extra stress lately, and suggested I ask my Dr next time I see her... :-P


amber - September 20

my before was always like 28-29 now i don't let it get above like 25-26. i'm not sure what exactly it should be, i just slowed down a lot now that i'm not really there to lose weight anymore.


Jess - September 20

I was wondering the same questions. I am a Curves member and have been for about 4 months or so. I love it. There is a strong possibility I may be pregnant and was concerned on if I would have to stop going to Curves. Thanks ladies. This has been encouraging to read.


Suzanne - September 21

Thanks for all the info! I will go tonight and sign up for the three month contract. I just have no idea what i will be like pregnant-this will be my first. I want to make sure that i enjoy it, and not exercise too much. I went to a free cla__s last week and my heartrate was 29 and it was supposed to be a 22. I was really hitting those machines. It is funny though, to join Curves and at the same time hope and pray that you gain weight! Kind of ironic.


amber - September 21

yea, i'm not there to lose weight anymore, but the easier this kid comes out the better and hte better shape your in the easier it is suppost to be. i read somewhere last night that you heart rate shouldn't go above like 140 a minute, so that would be like 23 on the the curves 10 second count. i also don't think the abd. machines would hurt anything in the beginning because even sit ups are allowed in the first trimester, just don't work them too hard that your hurting. I have never walked out of curves feeling sore.


Julia - September 22

Hey I just found out on Tuesday I AM pg. Explains the lightheadedness earlier. I'm sure everything at Curves is fine to do, there is nothing too strenuous or jarring or anything, as long as you watch your heart rate doesn't go too high. I'll be asking my Dr about it next Thurs when I go though, just to be sure.


Becca - September 23

JULIA, congratulations!!!! Keep us updated, because I am interested to know what the dr says about the curves work out and the heart rate. I regularly go up to 27 with no problem, but yesterday I was doing my normal work out and I felt like I was going to be sick. Then I checked my heart rate and it was up to 31!!!! Whoah! I had to cut way back on the jogging squares to get my heart rate back to the 27 area. Hopefully this jump also means that I am pg. How many dpo were you when you tested? I am 7 dpo today.


Suzanne - September 26

Congrats Julia! That is fantastic. Please inform us of your doctor's opinion.


Julia - September 27

Thank you!! I'm pretty excited! I go to the Dr on Thursday so we'll see what she says. I've just been taking it easy at Cuves, keeping my HR around 23. That day I had the spike was exactly 7dpo. hmmmmmmm


Suzanne - September 28

Well, I'm due for AF on Monday and i'm not feeling much of anything! I guess another month bites the dust! Have any of you really noticed a change in your bodies b/c of the Curves workout. I just started so i don't know what to expect. I'm going to hit it at least three times a week. I have about 20 pounds to lose (even though i hope i'm gaining soon):).


Becca - September 30

Julia, I hope my story turns out just like yours. I am 14 dpo today and so far no AF! I'm still working out at curves 4 times a week, and I feel great. Suzanne, I 've been working out at Curves for 2 months now. I haven't noticed much of a weigh loss yet (just a few pounds), but that is because I am gaining muscle while losing fat and it feels great. My legs and arms are more toned and I am fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in 3 years! Also, I used to feel sluggish all the time and have pains in my legs from sitting (at my job) too much, and I dont have that anymore. I would reccommend curves to ANYONE! I used to be skeptical and think it was only for old ladies, but now I think it can benefit anyone, especially those with health issues. I have my second weigh and measure on Monday, so we'll see if I lost any more inches!!



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