Curves Workout And Pregnancy

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Becca - September 30

Julia, I hope my story turns out just like yours. I am 14 dpo today and so far no AF! I'm still working out at curves 4 times a week, and I feel great. Suzanne, I 've been working out at Curves for 2 months now. I haven't noticed much of a weigh loss yet (just a few pounds), but that is because I am gaining muscle while losing fat and it feels great. My legs and arms are more toned and I am fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in 3 years! Also, I used to feel sluggish all the time and have pains in my legs from sitting (at my job) too much, and I dont have that anymore. I would reccommend curves to ANYONE! I used to be skeptical and think it was only for old ladies, but now I think it can benefit anyone, especially those with health issues. I have my second weigh and measure on Monday, so we'll see if I lost any more inches!!


amber - October 1

yea, i'm only 19 and i loev curves. i am the only one there that is around my age but it's still good. even now that i'm pregnant i'm still losing inches off of some areas, just not my belly. i do feel good after i go, but now i'm having problems getting myslef to go. i'm always sooo tired.


Becca - October 2

Well, AF arrived yesterday, so it looks like I'm not pg this month. Now I can really focus on dropping inches and hopfully I'll look fabulous in my bikini when dh and I go to Grand Cayman in 2 months!!!


Julia - October 3

Oh sorry to hear that Becca. Grand Cayman in 2 months? That is awesome! You will be looking great in your bikini. I really have not lost any weight since joinging curves either, but I feel more toned and am fitting better into my clothes. I've had a couple of people ask if I've lost weight. So it must be making a difference! My Dr said to keep hydrated and to eat something before I went, that's it. I'm waiting to hear when my appt will be with the OB, hopefully soon. Have a great day all. julia


b__tonbear - August 6

Please DON'T do the Curves workout when pregnant. I asked my Coach on Tuesday night having confirmed the previous Friday that I was 5+ weeks - she said they would not allow pregnant women to do the circuit because pretty much all of the machines involve some sort of abdominal pressure no matter whether it's upper or lower body. She told me that they wouldn't let me back on the circuit so I thought 'That's fine - at least I know' and just went home. I had continued on after reading the posts here AND checking with my Dr. Already that day I had been getting some slight periody twinges and a slightly heavier brown discharge (TMI warning) but just thought nothing of it until later on that evening when the discharge sarted getting redder and redder. I called NHS Direct here in the UK, got an out of hours appointment, got checked out and the Dr said everthing seemed fine, later that night I woke up and pa__sed what can only be described as tissue and more blood - not gouts of it but enough. The next morning (Wednesday)my GP was checking the overnights, realised I was on it, called me down, checked me out, said it was hopefully nothing to worry about but booked me a scan at the Matty anyway. I went for that scan yesterday and it confirmed that sometime (can pinpoint when due to early nature) I had in fact miscarried. So today me and DH are dealing with that. PLEASE, PLEASE, I cannot stress this enough, make your Curves Circuit coach one of the first people you tell, same as your Dr or OBGYN - it may NOT have contributed to my miscarriage BUT I can't help feelling if only I had checked it out earlier... Sorry to get heavy but it's just not worth it - I promise. bd to all xxxx wish me luck for my next try


sandradavis - February 17

I joined a gym that bought equipment from a Curves gym that closed here in my area. Mostly resistance training. No weights involved. Curves is basically "circuit training" You go around to each piece of equipment, and switch places when the recording tells you to. I didn't think It gave you much time on each individual exercise. You go around 3 times and that was my workout. expresspharmarx dot com



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