Don T Want My Wife To Kill Our Baby

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Howard - May 4

She keeps doing sit ups and I heard that can kill the fetus. She is scared of her stomach getting fat. She does about a 1,000 a day and I am worried. She's 6 months and she's only gained 4lbs is that normal?


DJ - May 4

No. NOT normal. Get help!


Fabienne - May 5

errr - I'm not a doc or an expert but I'd go and talk to the doctor about it...


Misty - May 5

Definately bring it up with your doctor. Don't be hard on your wife though, it might push her to do even more. It is possible that she is feeling out of control with a lot of things in her life right now and that she feels her body is the one thing she should be able to control. Doing modified sit-ups. Where she is on an incline and not flat on her back are o.k., and, of course, not doing so many. There is nothing for your wife to be ashamed of with gaining weight. It is a natural and s_xy thing for a woman to get a belly with pregnancy. Sounds like your wife does have a self-image problem that needs to be dealt with. You need to realize though that you are going to be the most helpful to her if you are supportive while at the same time not backing down. Do everything you can to get help for your wife while at the same time being there for her. Always let her know you are there for her and you love her, and that you aren't going to stop trying to help her because you love her. This is a mental thing with her and she is going to think you are wrong. But right now you need to be the provider and the protector and do what is best for your wife and child.


Chila - May 6

Hi Howard. I am recently pregnant and my Doctor told me that since I regularly exercise it's okay to continue to do situps during the first trimester but since your wife is in her 6th month, I don't think it's safe for her to be doing that many situps. How does she perform her situps? My Doctor told me in the first trimester, abdominal crunches are fine but as you move to the second and third trimesters, it is not recommended that you lie on your back. Studies indicate too much pressure can be placed on the fetus/umbilical cord (the baby's source of energy and nutrition) when the mother performs exercises while lying on her back. Instead, she can get a great workout, continuing to strengthen those abdominal muscles doing side crunches. Perhaps you can consult with the OB/GYN and see what she thinks. I'm sure at your next visit and ultrasound they can check the baby's heartbeat and you can discuss the exercise routine with the Doctor! Good luck!


elyn - May 13

Yikes! it's sad to come to this when even a pregnant woman still has to worry about her image. ask her if she looks at a pregnant woman and ever thinks "that's so disgusting". i don't think so. it's a beautiful thing. be sensitive and show her how s_xy it can be. ask her if she thinks that her self image is more important than the health of her own child. and how guilty would she feel if something really did happen to your baby all because of some temporary look that will not last throughout the pregnancy anyways. the risk of hurting your child for possibly a lifetime does not amount to the few months that she has to wear a few extra pounds that she could easily take off once the pregnancy is over. if she feels so strongly about working out i think that she will have the will to work out even harder after her baby is born and she can do even more strenuous exercizes. i feel so strong about this because of my own situation. i was very small and in denial with my first pregnancy. people couldn't even tell i was pregnant until i was about 6 almost 7 months. i thought about things and said to myself how could i think of being so selfish when from this point on my life is not about just me anymore. my son was a healthy 8 lbs. 12 oz. i was glad i made the decision to put my son first. i hope this helps.


Christina - May 16

I think a pregnant belly is s_xy is she scared of getting fat and not being able to lose her belly.I am also 6 months and have a 110 lb frame and have gained about 8-10 lbs which my doc says is normal. Tell her to walk and exercise to keep her body in shape and once she has the baby and b___stfeeds the weight will come off. If she only gains 25-30 lbs too she will lose most of it when the baby is born too between the baby being 6-8 lbs and the placenta.GO TO THE NEXT APPT WITH HER!!!!


Nat - May 21

No. Not normal. I was told by my doc no execises on your back after 20 wks. She specifically mentioned situps. I might've kept doing them otherwise. Am currently at 23 wks and very healthy. (Both of us)


HMM - May 24

Start by getting regular prenatal care. You need to convince her of the importance of prenatal care, which she is obviously not getting.


fanny - May 27

This question just scares me. Doing cruches will NOT keep her belly small. She's CARRYING A BABY!!!! Even when you're not pregnant, crunches will not guarantee a small stomach! As for the 4lb weight gain, it's a bit scary, but ... talk to your doctor. If you exercise throughout the pregancy, it will help afterwards to get your figure back and make you feel better during the pregnancy. I am just so sad that there is someone out there so afraid of baby belly :(


Hello - May 27

UHM how is the baby getting any nourishment, she is using it all. Why hasn't her doctor done anything? Story sounds a bit flaky to me. 4 pounds 6 months?


ann - May 27

The fact that your wife is doing this to your unborn child is a form of neglect. If she doesn't put her child first now what kind of mother will she be after he/she is born? This is awfully sad and quite selfish. Your wife needs serious psychiatric help.


mandy - June 3

You really need to tell your wife that doing situps at 6 months can actually make it harder for her to get her flat stomach back after the baby. Doing situps after 14 weeks can actually cause PERMANENT seperation of her stomach muscles - she can never regain again. If she would continue to work out minus the sit ups, she could and will get her flat stomach back after the birth. Its a shame that she thinks she is helping herself while, because she is so misinformed, she is actually hurting her chances of regaining her pre pregnancy body.


Shelly - June 9

Hi, Howard will you please bring us up to date on the situation with your wife and baby? It's been a month since you put your question out there. I really wanna now what's going on. And I really feel for YOU and the baby.


Todd - June 22

My Girlfriend is pregnent but i dont want one and we are to young to have any kids at all we are still kids our self what do i do


Sophia - June 28

Todd, how far along is she in her pregnancy?


danielle - July 1

tell your wife that she could damage her stomach muscles since they seperate when your pregnant doing the sit up can cause damage so if she is that vain she will stop knowing that it could screw up her stomach muscles they tell you you cant start exercising them again till six weeks after for the same reason



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