Don T Want My Wife To Kill Our Baby

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danielle - July 1

tell your wife that she could damage her stomach muscles since they seperate when your pregnant doing the sit up can cause damage so if she is that vain she will stop knowing that it could screw up her stomach muscles they tell you you cant start exercising them again till six weeks after for the same reason


to Howard - July 6

Has she stopped? Is everything ok? We're concerned. Please let us know! Best wishes to you!


Howard - July 9

My wife stopped doing the sit ups. I told her how she would separate the muscle and she stopped the next day. She's gained 7lbs now. She is getting prenatal care. Her Dr. said she is fine. The baby was healthy at the ultrasound. She's getting kind of depressed. Her stomach is getting bigger and she doesn't like to look at it. But she knows she has to put on the weight for the baby. She's always had a super body and been very pretty and men always look at her and she is just not feeling like herself now and it is really hard for her. I just keep telling her she'll be back in a bikini next summer. That helps a little.


cajun01 - July 10

I hope your wife soon learns to accept her beautiful pregnant body, because if she's having a hard time at 6 months, wait until she's over 8 months!! Maybe she needs to talk to someone about her self-image and why she has such a problem with viewing her body as being 'okay'. I have to admit that being 38 weeks pregnant I feel very undesireable and I have a few icky stretch marks and I waddle, but my husband still hugs me and tells me he loves me and that I'm beautiful, and strangers tell me I look great for where I'm at, so it all balances out. Depending on your wife's personality type, I would try getting her to talk about why she feels so badly about her pregnant body, etc.... Good luck!


Q - July 10

I'm not sure if this will help, but maybe you could also give her a day spa vacation, or maybe find out where the best maternity clothese shop (not the ones with ugly clothes -sorry) and just treat her. Her sad days, which I am sure all of us pregnant ladies are getting, are no fun and for me, sometimes I just want someone to remember what kind of things I like to do - not my pregnant self ?!? I'm not sure if this post even makes sense, but just by doing something you know she enjoys and receives positive attention from others will maybe help her out. Best wishes :)


Jenn - August 10

Howard if she is depressed you might consider getting her to talk to someone. I know how bad it can get. I had a healthy baby girl 7 months ago via c-section. My stomach has not gone back to normal, but she was my 4th child, third pregnancy and my stomach muscles seperated. I have been having a lot of trouble image wise as I did during the pregnancy. It should be a happy time where women enjoy it. But depression takes away from that. And can continue after the delivery causing all kinds of problems. Talk to her doc about the depression, it is serious and should be addressed.


bah! - August 12

I have read all kinds of posts about smoking, drinking, using drugs, eating certain foods etc. and people are so quick to judge and put people down for doing something they personally wouldn't do, saying those women are selfish and undeserving of children. Then I come here and, although most people have said it is not a good idea to do situps while pregnant, it seems perfectly okay to be obsessed with how you look. Howard says his wife has always HAD a super body and BEEN very pretty. Is he implying she no longer is now she is pregnant? Maybe he is part of the problem, how will he react if she doesn't have her bikini body back by next Summer as he has rea__sured her she will? I find it really sad, and wonder why they decided to have children in the first place if it was to be that much of an issue. Everyone knows you get pretty big when pregnant and it's naive to think otherwise, many women have adopted to save spoiling their precious figures. Men always look at my gorgeous wife also, just as much now that she is 6 months pregnant, and she is so proud of her big belly, even though she can't be sure she will ever get her figure back the way it was. It is completely unrealistic to think that your body will not change permanently after baby, the few who look like they never had children are simply lucky. It astounds me that this vain woman wanted to become pregnant at all, what kind of mother will she be, busy doing exercises to get back in shape so men will look at her again while the baby cries for attention? Bah!


wow! - August 12

hellooooo? Your wife is pregnant! What did she think would happen? Has she never seen a pregnant woman before, or read any books about what happens during pregnancy and how you have to make some sacrifices for your growing baby. I am not saying it is bad to want to look good, but there are limits, and I notice she only stopped after being told she might ruin her figure permanently if she carried on, not through any concern for the baby, making it clear where her priorities lie. Perhaps she should have thought it through completely before deciding to have a baby, if her flat stomach is that much of a big deal to her. Will she be putting the baby on a diet at 3 months old because it is getting too chubby? Must keep up the appearance of a picture perfect family, and that means no fat children. Honestly, there are women all over the world who would give anything to be able to conceive, let alone carry to 6 months or full term, I know of women who cannot carry past 12 weeks for some reason and will never experience the wonder of a huge bump on their front. The last thing on their minds is whether their body might look a little different afterwards. Yet God works in mysterious ways and has blessed this vain, shallow, selfish woman with a beautiful baby, who will probably grow up insecure or just as shallow as its' mother. Such a waste!


Erin - September 25

I am pregnant but i dont wanna be...what can i do to abort the fetus myself, i know this sounds horrible but im olny me


stacey - September 29

no it's not normal i agree with dj ,i belive that it can snap a bart of the baby depending on what way the baby is lieing.have you tried talking to your wife if you compliment her this may tell her that you like her baby belly just nice compliments this may help if not.i recon you should talk to your midwife ket her no what she is doing and the feelings dhe is feeling.hope this helps. best of look on the arrivel of your baby .


laura - October 8

can i get my shape back after giving birth?


anon - October 8

Erin, have you thought about carrying the child to full term and giving her up for adoption to some loving parents!


Preg Bellies 'ARE' Sexy - October 10

very abnormal if it wasn't for the cruel crunching I'd say take her out for dinner 10 times a day but you just might have to bolt her to a 2by6 from her ankles to her head or chain her to a two wheel refrigerator dolly .


mjm - October 20

Of couse I'm not a doctor, but I think you should be more worried about her hurting herself than the baby. I don't think situps can hurt the baby, but my doctor told be not to do any ab exercises for my own safety (you can pull a muscle because your ab muscles becomes very relaxed during pregnancy)


Med Student - December 7

This is really not OK! She needs to come clean to her OB and you should probably join her at the appointment to make sure something is said, although I can't help but wonder why her OB hasn't said anything about her lack of weight gain so far? In any case, speak to her OB as soon as possible!


To Erin - December 8

I know you are young, but you don't kill another potential human life just because you made a mistake. I know it seems scary to face now, but however it happened I promise you the regret you wiil feel the rest of your life if you kill it now will be far worse. I realize it's a sucky way to welcome you to adulthood, but don't let your fear dictate what you do. Please keep in mind this is a person, are you really willing to say he/she has no right to life just because you are too afriad to face it. I don't believe that you are.



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