Exercise And Pregnancy

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dreamer51 - May 6

I go spinning and to body pump 3x week currently. I think I may be pregnant and was wondering whether anybody else did these activities before getting pregnant and whether you continued with them and if so, how long for? I miscarried my first pregnancy 7 months ago at 6 weeks and so am a bit nervous about things this time around if I am pregnant


CoLark - May 22

I did weight training 3x a week plus 25 min cardio. Then, 45 min cardio 2x per week. It was mainly to get in shape for another pregnancy. I was too tired to continue during my first trimester, plus that was a workout for weight loss. I continued at 2x a week, once for legs, and once for arms. My trainer is knowledgeable about prenatal workouts, so she knows when to start avoiding certain movements. Sorry about your miscarriage. Chances are, it was due to a genetic issue, and not to any workout. If you are working out beforehand, there should be no problem continuing to some degree. Just make sure you realize the changes you need in your workout when you are pregnant--don't push yourself too hard or in the wrong way.


super-excited-mum-tobe - June 8

I am a personal trainer and are 38 weeks pregnant. I have execised 3/4 week from the beginning. I must say that due to you sadly miscarring before i would take it very easily the first trimester. Exercise is such an a__set during pregnancy but rather get over the first trimester and see how you go.


lucasmama - December 15

Exercise is one of the best things you can do when pregnant. I did prenatal yoga for my entire pregnancy and I swear the relaxation and meditation techniques are what got me through the pushing. On peainthepodcast.com, Dr. Broder, an obstetrician at UCLA and the author of the book Panic Free Pregnancy, says that "Pregnant women have an extra incentive to stay active, increasing your level of pregnancy during pregnancy decreases your risk of gestational diabetes and it also makes you fit for delivery. And you know it's sort of an old joke but why do you think they call it labor? You know it is a lot of work to have a baby and the more you've prepared for that work the easier it is and being physically fit is about the best thing that you can do to prepare." If you feel you may be pregnant I would agree with taking it easy during the first trimester and then increasing it slowly. Walking and light weight training is great, however I have to once again promote the advantages of prenatal yoga. Best of luck and congrats to you!! Warmly, Shireen Motivala peainthepodcast.com


mary b - December 19

I ran 2 miles 5-6 days a week and weight trained on the off days before, during pregnancy. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. I stopped running around week 34 and now walk. I still try to get cardio in a bit by dancing and walking. I do lite lifting with two 10 lb dumb bells and use ankle weights. Just simple squats and lunges. Upper body stuff too. I'm pretty beat lately as I have a 21 month old to run after as well...seems like lately all i have the energy for is her and cleaning the house. Good Luck and keep up the working out!



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