Exercise During Pregnancy

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amanda103 - January 6

I'm 4wk 5d and I wanted to know what exercises are okay to do during the first trimester? I've looked online but had no luck. I'm in pretty decent shape right now, and want to try and stay fit throughout my pregnancy. I would appreciate any info you can share.


amanda103 - January 6

Oops! I didn't mean to post the same question twice, I was looking for it in the wrong place.


JS - January 6

I ordered a DVD online for pregnant woman that has variations for each trimester. I love it. You might want to try that.


amanda103 - January 6

Thanks! I can't wait to try it! What's the name of it and what site did you order off of?


steph - January 6

hi there I am 22 weeks today. I have kept up my previous exercise routine with modifications. My doctor advised me in the first trimester to keep up with what you do, just watch that you do not overdo it- meaning heart rate , training to hard,etc. Now is not the time to train for a marathon- smile. I still weight train, and do my cardio. My body is changing quickly now though. Some exercises are more awkward and have to be changed. Good luck with the next 9 months.


Shannon - January 9

Hi1 I am 4w and 4d and was wondering how high is to high for a heart rate and If you get sore is the lactic acid build up harmful?


Sadey - January 10

Hi Amanda, Well before i got pregnant i was an active person, running 3 times a weeks and doing cardio. I decided to go to a Personal trainer as i didn't want to risk anything i was doing. I am 14 weeks and still jog but at a low pace. Because i was very cative before i can keep my BPm under 160 and women who are moderatley cative should keep it below 140. You can do alot of things execept ecercise that exert the body or can cause you risk of falling, eg horse riding , sking , etc. I would ask your instructor to do a program up for you, but i am still doing alot of weight training now than i did before....


amanda103 - January 10

Thanks Sadey. I think I might go talk to a trainer as well. You're right, it's not worth the risk. I kind of feel selfish wanting to workout still, my doctor told me that the gym will always be there, and to enjoy my pregnancy. I won't be able to enjoy it though if I feel like a parade float!


donalen - February 25

Name:Donalen Date:February 25,2006,17:27 Since I'm only just 19 years of age, I'm aware what are the strategies or techniques on how you are stay pretty and s_xy when you are pregnant.. Concentrate on keeping urself healthy both mentally and physically. Eat well,keep active.. And always smile.... -doNalEn


layka - February 26

hi amanda! you know what?... There are a lot of ways and a lot of simple exercises you can do to be fit during your pregnanccy... Well ofcourse the exercise you would do will depends on the days, weeks or months of your term. If you would mind, you can visit the web: http://www.industryniche.com/recommends/pregnancywithoutpounds/html I'm very sure that it will give you a lot of help... good luck and stay fit... -layka


Bonilou - February 27

Hi there maybe you should try the following exercises: 1. Walking – always one of the best and most convenient exercises you can do (pregnant or not)! Make sure you wear loose, light clothing (to deflect the sun), and well-supported and cushioned shoes (preferably running shoes). 2. Swimming - an excellent, A+ form of exercise. Swimming, water walking and jogging, deep-water running, and water aerobics are EXCELLENT forms of exercise during pregnancy. 3. Aerobics (low-moderate intensity) - gets you moving, is fun (choreographed to music) and best of all keeps you social (especially the pregnancy cla__ses). Remember that it’s crucial you listen to your body. Modify any activity that does not feel comfortable and avoid any weight lifting above your head, jumping, or lying down. 4. Water aerobics - highly recommended! Because of the buoyancy, you don’t incur the same impact and jarring of regular aerobics, which of course is easier on your changing body. 5. Elliptical trainer - this is one of my favorites, although I didn’t have this as an option during my 9 months. If you don’t already know what it is, it’s a cross between a stair climber and cross-country skiing machine. It’s great because there is no impact involved. The motions are smooth and body-friendly, meaning they are not contra-indicative like a bad stair climber tends to be on the knees. 6. Cycling on a Stationary Bike- this is a good non-weight bearing exercise that is quite easy on the body. I recommend the stationary bike because there is too high a risk of falling off a regular bike. When the body becomes more flexible (from the hormone “relaxin”) there is more risk of injury (and believe me - simply walking can be hazardous!). if you want to know more about exercise during your pregnancy, try this site.. http://www.industryniche.com/recommends/pregnancywithoutpounds.html


pines - February 27

hi amanda, i understand your situation. There are lots of exercises fit throughout your pregnancy. try to check this out, it will help you http://www.industryniche.com/recommends/pregnancywithoutpounds.html



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