Fertility Drugs Weight And Pregnancy

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Janie - May 23

Good morning ladies, Well I am new to the chat board, I am not expecting yet. I am taking fertility drugs at the moment and hoping that in July we will have good news. I have gained on these meds 7 pounds and I believe that it will continue to go up, but I am trying to get control of it with exercising and a healthy eating. My question, has anyone out there had the same experienced and how much weight did they gain during pregnancy and fertility drugs?


elly - May 24

good luck to you as you try for a baby! i took the fert drugs, shots and finally got pregnant through ivf. i think i gradually gained about 3 kg (about 8 pounds?) in the year before i finally had ivf. i thought it was the drugs too. after the procedure, i was basically confined to bed. i had been pretty active and fit pre-preg but due to bedrest and huge appet_te, by the end of the first trimester, i had gained 7 kg. i am at week 17 now and with the okay of my doctor, walking a bit every day. weight is the last thing you want to be focusing on when you're trying... there's enough stress for you in the process. hang in there, keep up the good habits and much luck to you.


Yas - August 31

Hi Janie -- I was on fertility drugs -- Lupron and Gonal-F -- when I was undergoing IVF. I'm very active -- running, long walks with my dogs, and weight lifting -- so the weight gain came off as soon as I finished the treatment. I had gained 7 lbs, which came off within a week. HOWEVER, now I am pregnant on my very first IVF try. We're still amazed at this! My doctor will keep me on these prog shots for 10 weeks, which I know are bloating me. My weight is up by 5 lbs. and waist by 2 inches and I'm on my fifth week. I totally agree with you: I hope that with dilligent and sensible exercise and healthy eating, the weight won't get out of hand, in addition to the real baby weight I will eventually gain. My doc did say I would loose the prog shots extra lbs once I stop them. I don't want to gain too much extra than the 25 lbs as this wouldn't be healthy for me or my baby. Good luck. We'll be fine as long as we keep our healthy habits! :)



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