Giving Birth Affected Your Sex Life Negatively

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Aliya - December 11

Can anyone tell me if they have had problems with lose of tightness in their va___al muscles after giving birth? I know that Kegel exercises are recommended but really how effective are they? has giving birth affected your s_x life negatively?


moe - January 25

Hi Aliya I have the same problem I had two v____al births to two children, one is 4 and the other is 4mo and I know what your talking about. I feel really loose in my v____a, no tightness and I really haven't done any keagle exercises and maybe I should try and they say it works. But I just don't think our bodies will ever be the same and our v____a's. And when me and my husband have s_x he says it feels so different and I think he means it in a bad way but doesn't want to hurt my feelings. And yes our s_x life has been effected ever since I gave birth, we haven't had s_x in over 3 weeks and we used to have it at least 2-3 times a week. So I think it has effected are s_x life and we've only had s_x about 4-5 times since I gave birth and that was back in September. Do you think something is wrong with me or my husband???But it does take time to heal and it is all worth it in the end.


Aaliyaah - January 30

Moe, if the v____a has gone too wide, then Kegel won't be enough. Talk to your doctor about that, because there is a minimal surgical procedure that can turn a post-baby v____a into like-a-virgin one. All the best to you.


moe - February 2

really a little surical procedure? I have never heard of that! I am just going to give my body some time to recover I mean an 8' 13 lb baby came out of me and it won't heal over night. But if it doesn't get better within a year then maybe i will read up on this . can you give me some info???


MiaBelle - April 17

No, I actually feel tighter for some reason since I had my baby. Maybe its because we don't have s_x much anymore, but I didn't notice any difference.



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