Gym Whilst Pregnant

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Lisa - November 18

Is it OK to go the gym whilst pregnant and what is it OK to do whilst there, running and jogging etc?


Liz - November 18

I am wondering the same thing. I just recently found out I am pregnant. I haven't been to the gym since! I am so afraid of doing something to cause a miscarriage. I would love it if someone had some answers about this. Everyone says, just walk. I am used to doing a lot more than just walking.


Nick - December 24

I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and am getting a gym membership for Christmas. My doctor said it is OK to do the treadmill and weights, but he said don't push too hard. If you are exhausted then so is the baby.


Sarah - December 28

Hi guys, I enjoy spinning cla__ses and interval training on m y eliptical trainer. I'm just newly pregnant and have read lot's of info re: excercise. One of the key things you should live by is not letting your body temp go about 101 Farenheit and not letting your heartrate go above 135 (there are different ranges for age and weight for this one) in the last months of pregnancy you should avoid doing any excercises laying on your back, they should be done laying on your left side......most things will be better laying on your left side (even sleeping) Any excercices where physical injury is a chance are not a good idea obviously. I will continue to bike and run, I also do yoga which you may all want to start. I even have a prenatal yoga dvd


Shana - January 6

I too used to work out everyday before I got pregnant, and when i found out about my pregnancy, I stopped going. I am six months pregnant now and really want to get back to the gym. I have been told to do my regular workouts, but just not as intensly. In the long run, it could help out with labour.


Nick - January 7

I heard that certain moves in yoga can cut off the circulation to the uterus. Has anyone heard this? My friend told me no sit ups. I don't know if this is true either.


r - January 7

Hi Nick, Certain positions in yoga are not good for prego women the same as some positions are not good for women on thier periods. If you are taking Yoga try to find a prenatal Yoga cla__s as they are better for you and the baby. They do streches that are helpful through out your pregnancy.


Sheila - January 16

i haven't talked to my Dr yet, but my sister's told her a good rule of thumb - if she could keep up a conversation while excersizing it was okay, but if she was getting too out of breath she was working too hard.


Emma - January 24

Hi I have stopped going to the gym since i found out I was pregnant. Only because I like to have a proper workout when I'm there and I was going 4 times a week before I was pregnant and did lots of running and high impact cla__ses. I think light exercise is fine but if you're like me and can't help but over exert yourself then I would leave off the gym for now and just go for walks or go swimming!


sharon - February 13

i started running a year agao and run an average 7 - 10 miles 2-3 times a week, ive just discovered im 5-6 weeks pregnant and i am worried about miscarring, shld i stop running or would a shorter distance be better?


Kathy - March 3

My docotr has noproblem with my aerobics cla__ses. She says be very careful about balance, as your center of gravity chances as your belly grows. She's not worried about baby being harmed as much has how aweful labor would be with a brocken leg or strained back.



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