Heated Pools

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Nicole - August 22

I am doing aqua areobics in a heated pool and i was wondering what is a safe temperature for a heated pool?


Jennifer - August 22

I was wondering the same thing!! I've been searching the internet for an answer, and have not found any info yet!


Sharon - October 9

I am a swimming teacher/coach and am 6 weeks pregnant....I spend up to 5-6 hours per day in the heated pool that we teach in. I have looked into how chlorine affects your body but there has been no real studies done. As far as being in a heated pool...so long as it is not really hot (and most pools are ussually at a good temp) you should be fine. As with any kind of exersise you should always take it easy and let your aerobics instructor know that you are pregnant and she will give you some modified exercises to do. I know many women who have continued Aqua in our heated pool whilst pregnant and it hasn't had any affect on them or there new born.


name - October 23

.I know it's not reccomended to be in a hot bath for longer than 10 mins b/c ur temperature should not reach over 101c.Most women will get out of the tub before they get to this point anyway.All i know is it gives the woman a risk of fainting.But baths are much hotter than heated pools.I don't really think there is a risk.Ask your doctor would be my best advice


Bernice Erasmus - November 25

Can a pregnant women swim in a chlorinated pool?


sharon - November 25

Yes....I work In a chlorinated pool and I am 13 weeks pregnant...alot of other women I know swim in the pool i teach and they seem to be fine....My bosses wife taught in a chlorinated pool throughout her entire pregnancy....5 hours a day every day and she had a healthy baby.


estee - November 27

it is actually 102 degrees fahrenheit, not degrees celcius as "name" said. nobody would get into 101 deg. celcius water, if you don't want to get first degree burns! the water boiling point at is 100 deg. celcius!


ps - November 27

so, 10 min at or under 102 F and then out! heated pools are way below 102 F thou.


Sarah - December 28

I think people are a little off target here. It's your body temperature that should not exceed 101 F not the pool temperature. You can keep a digital thermometer with you if you are concerned, I do this sometimes when I am working out. The reasoning is because we as humans have the ability to keep our bodies cool by sweating but babies cannot do this therefore their temp will keep rising and not level off


John.L. - May 12

Heated pools should run at 27 to 28 (max.) degrees celsius. Any hotter will meqan more chlorine use which could be unhealthy.


abeer - May 19

iam pregnant in five weeks can i make some exercise to keep my weight


Lucy - June 5

I was wondering if it was possible to get pregnant if I had a little foreplay with my husband inside the pool. I don't actually want to get pregnant now, but was curious about these kind of situations


louise - December 8

10 degees celcius


pjay - September 14

Great information regarding swimming while pregnant.. Now my question is,, what about TTC while swimming? can the chlorine effect fertility? (for either me or hubby since we both swim)?



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