HELP I Have Gained A Lot

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Tasha - May 9

I am 23 weeks pregnant. I began wearing maternity clothes at 12 weeks. I went to the doctor a week ago and had gained a total of 24 lbs. I weighed last night and it shows me gaining 6 lbs. already THIS WEEK. I ate healthy and excercised this week. That is a total of 30 lbs!!! I started out at 140 lbs. The weight is all in my belly and I'm not that big anywhere else. I still have 4 months to go. I am so scared that I am going to gain over 50 lbs. Help!!!


Mattie - May 12

I have gained quite a bit myself. I am 14 1/2 weeks and have already gained 13 pounds. Everyone says not to worry but I have always been thin (104 before I got pregnant). Your not alone! I eat healthy, no junk food or soda but I am still gaining the weight. From what I can tell from other members on the forum, walking is the best thing. I am going to start doing that. Good luck!


Janet - May 12

I am in the same boat as you with the same weight gain and everything. Some people just gain their weight earlier in their pregnancies. I started working out every morning for a 1/2 hour doing aerobics. This gives me energy throughout the day and I end up burning even more calories. Drink lots of water, and skim milk to help curb your apet_te so you don't go overboard. And if you're doing all you can then don't worry about it. If you gain the average of a pound a week from now you'll be at 47.


Janet - May 12

Good Luck!


Tasha - May 13

Janet - when is your due date? Mine is Sept. 3rd. I honestly think that he will be born sooner than that. For some reason I feel like it will be the middle to end of August. I have felt that way since I found out I was pregnant. Do you think that sounds crazy?


Janet - May 17

Due date is Sept. 24. I don't think it sounds crazy. Intuition is a crazy thing and I follow it dearly. I'm hoping they made a mistake on me and I give birth early than expected. You know how that last month just drags on. How are the workouts going.



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