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Lea - January 31

Can anyone please tell me if hemrroids will ever go away? Through my whole pregnancy I did not get any, now after giving birth 2 months ago to twins I just got them. Is surgery the only answer? Preperation H does not really help but I would really like an answer or a home remedy. I do not go into my doc for a follow up until the 13 of Feb to ask if he can help. I would really appreciate any answers.


Luna - March 13

Actually, I think surgery is only recommended if it really bothers you. Make sure you're never constipated and that should take care of it.


Trish# - March 15

I had a hemm. a few weeks ago, at 14 weeks pg. It was awful. I did everything right to remedy it: drank lots of water, exercised, did kegels, soaked in the tub, ate lots of fiber, used prepH...nothing helped for days!! It's finally going away though (for now). Just do the things I've mentioned. I hear they WILL go away.


San - March 24

I feel for ya Lea! I got hemorrhoids after my first baby and they stayed for 10 mths, but I'm sure this is in part due to the fact that they run in the family. Lots of fibre & water do help, I also used pure aloe vera and that soothed them ALOT!


abbynmonique - March 26

hello, yes the god given remedy for hemmoroids is to get a packet of those cotton makeup remover pads(round ones ,or no sharp edges,) put it in the loo with a bottle of witch hazel ( get from the supermarket) and everytime you go to the toilet, wet a pad with the witch hazel and wedge it between your b___t cheeks and leave it there untillyou go to the loo again , and repeat, trust me , it takes about 3 days to start working , but then it Will go away, its awsome , a midwife told me about it when i had my first child and had them so bad you could see them even if i stood up straight,, also get some psyllium husks and put about 2 teaspoons in a gla__s of oj every day or 2.



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