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mandi - January 6

What can I do to stop myself from eating so much. I'm eight weeks and already I have gained 9lb. I was slim and carful what I ate, but just feel so hungry now.


Katie - February 4

I'm glad there is someone else like me. Everything I've read says you should expect to gain weight later in pregnancy - but I, like you, just can't stop eating all the things I used to avoid like the plague; mostly salty, savoury things like crisps and chips. I too have gained about half a stone, and am only 7 weeks. At first I was so delighted to be pregnant, I didn't really worry what I was eating - as I thought if my body was asking for it - it must be okay. Now I am worried. This week, I am starting to be more carefull by eating pretzels instead of crisps, and low fat cream or cottage cheese on oat cakes instead of chedder sarnies on white bread! I'm also drinking water rather than high fat coke (another thing I never touched before!!) Anyway - all that ramble, just to say, you're not alone!!


Heather - March 10

I don't think you guys should worry. I am in my 2nd pregnancy 11weeks and have gained only 2lbs. My secret is a Lifecycle, I gained 55 lbs with my first and I said I would never let that happen again. So exercise and eat alot of fruit and you won't gain as much! GOOD LUCK GIRLS!


Kristie - April 8

I am 25 weeks pregnant and gained 15 lbs so far but have leveled off for the past two weeks and not gained a pound, should I be worried?!


Jo - April 12

Mandy, I find myself "grazing" all the time...though I've always been a snacker. Now when I'm hungry I"m ravenous! My advice, when you're hungry, eat, but try to incorporate some healthy stuff in between the sweet/salty cravings....decide what fruit you like, get yougurt, that kind of thing. I've switched from regular potato chips to those healthy brands from whole foods, which are all natural (but taste close to the real deal). I've only gained a pound or two (i'm at 11 weeks), but I think that cutting alcohol has balanced out the extra calories I'm eating. (I also exercise a lot, which gives me license to eat.) Good luck!


Julie - April 16

With my first pregnancy I was hungry all the time and gained a total of 50 lbs. which my doc said was too much I am normally 100 lbs. This time around I am 14 weeks and have only gained 6 lbs. so far. I haven't been as hungry and am eating lower fat foods such as fruits, veggies and whole grains. I know what you mean though with my son I was hungry for every sweet thing in the house! Especially icecream!


Kelsey - April 21

Mandi, I totally know how you feel. I am 14 wks along and went from 140 to 150. When i first found out I was eating like crazy,!!! and still drinking soda. I work for an organic food company so it actually has helped me to eat better, but im still gaining!Im 5 ft 10 and everyone's like dont worry it will alll even out because your tall. Im still so scared to get huge!!!!!I I dont want to be a plimp when this is all over. Its sad but funny, but when i dont eat I am so crazy mean. If im hungry its like im starving. everyone bugs the c___p out of me when im hungry!!:)Hopefully we wont become hippos!!!goodluck


penny - April 29

its okay to stuff your face! just stuff it with fruit and yogurt and granola instead of junk. you wont gain too much wt. if you eat healthy foods.


Tasha - May 9

I am 23 weeks and I have gained about 25 lbs. YIKES!!! It is all in my belly but I still have almost 4 months to go. People ask me when I am due. When I tell them, they just give me a blank stare and say, "Are you sure you are not having twins?" or "Are you sure you are not futher along than that?"


Kristen - June 14

I just read this after doing a seach HOPING there was someone like me out there!!!! My question is does this go away after the first trimester? I haven't weighed myself because I'm scared. ALL I DO IS EAT. I'm a thin person and I exercise but I'm gaining so much weight. It scares me!! Help! I'm hoping this goes away after the nausea is gone.


Stacey - June 15

I understand completely, this is baby number 2 for me and I was never this hungry with my 1st. I would eat all day if I could... and the sweet cravings are terrible! I am a thin person - 11 weeks along and have gained about 3 pounds but I am exercising. All I want is ice cream! It truly is an effort every day to not eat too badly. Does this ever go away?


Jo - June 16

if it's any consolation, I'm in my 2nd tri and am not as hungry all the time like i was in my 1rst. I'm now at 20 weeks, have gained 9 lbs...i eat alot and often but do exercise. Cravings are legit, if you want it, you can have it, but try to limit the portion a bit, or alternate the ice cream/cookies w/fruit occas, and the chips with less fattening crackers. That may help.


Jountia - June 24

It is called discipline. Always think about your baby even though ur hungry. It's okay to eat a lot just make sure you are eating the right things, thats the key. I find myself asking what can I do to stop eating so much too but I found it's easier to give advice than to take it. I am 27 weeks and have gained 45 pounds already. WOW! but it doesn't look bad since I am tall. It mainly all went to my b___bs and b___t. Anyway if ur feeling hungry snack on some fruit, don't be like me and grab a few SNICKERS. I am sure I will regret it when I'm trying to loss the weight after the babys born. Reading "What to Expect When Expecting" is an awesome book and also watching TLC "Baby Stories" will stop you from eating a lot after you find out what risks you are putting you and your baby at. These have helped me slow down because I want the healthiest baby possible. Good luck and Congratulations


Saida - July 10

I am 7 weeks and feel like snacking all day ! I find my hand reaching for the cookies and chips, ice cream,even bread and b___ter ! My worry is will I manage to lose all this wt ? good luck to all ...and may we all have healthy babies! :o))


mama2be - August 15

I totally know what y'all are going through. I find myself really hungry even after a meal. I always have a fruit salad chopped up in a huge container that I can pick at, and some salad stuff, but I do find myself eating the brownies and ice cream and cookies. I feel totally gross eating all this food that I wouldn't normally be eating so much of, but the way I look at it is, I'm eating for 3. not just myself, but the twins too.. its hard.. I too have fears of "am I gonna be able to lose all this weight after??" I think so far I've gained about 20 pounds.. my doctor said its a perfect weight gain for being 22 weeks with twins. the only problem is I can't exercise because I'm high risk (they're identical in the same sac), so my legs and arms are losing muscle which is driving me insane, so I try to walk here and there.. otherwise, everyone keeps telling me, "wow, u don't look pregnant from behind".. the whole time I'm thinking, "I FEEL PREGNANT FROM EVERY ANGLE" its so hard carrying this extra weight!! sighs... only a few more months left......


Louisa - August 26

I too have gained at least 8lb and I am only 11 weeks pregnant. I have been mostly eating healthily but cannot stop eating and seem to be hungry all the time. I was 116lb before and I think I am now 124lb. It's depressing me as I know it's not baby as I have no bump. I am exercising most days to try and counteract it a bit. My clothes no longer fit me - especially around the chest, waist and hips. I don't want to have to buy new clothes as I have loads - I want to wait until I have to wear maternity clothes. I haven't announced my pregnancy yet - I'm sure people will just be thinking I've been eating too much (which I have).


amomma2 - September 6

I am relieved to see that I am not alone. I am 9weeks pregnant with my second child and cannot believe how much more I am eating this time around. I have been nauseated most days but find that if I am not eating at least every 2 hours watch out! My first pregnancy was not like this at all. I have gained around 7 pounds thus far and feel quite bummed out as all of my cute pants are too tight (having trouble breathing as I type this!) I was quite lean prior to this pregnancy (size 2) and wonder if all of this eating is because the baby needs it? I am trying to subst_tute healthier alternatives for the high-fat stuff because that is all I ate before becoming pregnant again but for some reason my body rejects the low-cal turkey sandwich on whole grain for something more "meatier" like a cheeseburger (which I rarely ever ate before)....what is up with me?



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