How Much Weight At 19 Weeks

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Erika - April 4

Hi, this is my first pregnancy and don't know if I am gaining too much or not. Need some help. I am 19 weeks and have gained about 13-14 pounds. What is healthy and normal? Also I do not want to gain more then 30 pounds total. Is this realistic with 21 weeks to go?


tryingx3 - April 8

Hi, Erika. I am 16 weeks and just hit the 10 lb mark. Seems like we are on about the same weight gain schedule. I would like to stay at 30 also, but fear that the 2nd & 3rd semester weight gain may happen faster. I am hoping with warmer weather and feeling better I can be more active. I craved BAD things during 1st trimester. I had a hard time getting excited about fruite and veggies, which I generally really like! My doc seems okay with my weight gain. I read somewhere you can estimate about a pound a week. Do you have the book What to expect when are are expecting?


laura - April 10

That's great! You won't gain more than 30 pounds. I am on my fourth and it seems like your body just is going to do what it's going to do. Iam in my 21 week and I have gained about 17 pounds and I have gained between 27 pounds to 33 pounds with all my girls. Just enjoy your pregnancy and food with in reason.


sa__sifras - April 17

You'll be fine!! Just eat healthy if you can---I could rest a tub of ice cream on my belly with my first so I gained around 32! But I am almost 16wks and have only gained 1? That book mentioned above is awesome if you don't have it, my OB gives it out with every new patient. Try and get any exercise that you can and don't eat till you want to hurl and you should be great!


JessicaM - April 17

I am only 14 weeks and I already feel like i am going to start showing. Am I the only one that still has tummy fat from their first kid? I gained alot of weight with my first kid and I was wishing that I wouldnt show as fast as i did before.


Shauna - April 18

I gained 54 pounds with my son. You guys suck (lol) My son is 8 and I weigh the same now as I did when I was 7 months pg. Overweight people can stand to gain less weight. My friend was 180 and 5'8 when she got pg and was 185 on due date, went home 169. That was 4 years ago and she is now 130ish. She sucks too. (lol) Good luck with the new baby Erika.


cattac - April 21

My last /first pregnancy i gained 12 lbs up until i was about 6 1/2 months pregnant...then I stopped exercising because I thought I went into preterm labor and started wanting all junkfood and ended up gaining a lot more weight that last trimester. My advice would be to eat as healthy as possible. It is MUCH easier to gain more weight toward the end. The last month or so the baby is supposed to gain about 1/2 pound a week. This is my second pregnancy- about in my 14th week and have gained 5 lbs...all because i have been eating so awful and i've been so lazy. i've started exercising again and eating better and hopefully my weight will stay where it is for awhile.



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