I Don T Have Time To Work Out

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Rachel - October 27

Last year I weighed about 200 lbs, then I went down to 125. I'm 25 weeks and I weigh 140. I've always been a little obsessive about my weight, and I really want to exercise, but I can rarely get myself to. I work almost every day, when I come home I'm really tired, and when I don't work I'm tired too. I worked so hard to lose it the first time, and I'm scared I'll never see 125 again. And to make things worse at my last Dr. appointment, I'd gained 3 lbs in the last month and she told me to watch what I eat...and that's prolly one of the worst things you can say to me lol...Maybe someone else is going through this too...


Holly - November 1

My doctor told me that it is very normal to gain about a pound a week after 16 weeks. If your 25 weeks and only gained 3 lbs in a month, then you prob need to gain a little more.


JJ - November 1

It's not much but I will do squats (and make sure to squeeze my b___t) while I brush my teeth. I am standing there at the sink anyway and it probably doesn't do a whole lot but makes me feel better that I am doing something.


Jenn - November 2

Rachel- I feel your pain. I used to work out every day, and was in such good shape. I am now working a different job and I am there from 8am to 6pm. Then I have to come home and make dinner for my husband and I.....then clean the dishes...etc. By the time thats all said and done its about 7:30. And then I am WAY too tired to think about working out. I want to, but its not practical with my lifestyle right now. The only days i get in a good workout is Saturday and Sunday b/c of no work. Its frustrating!!


andrea - November 8

I have never had to worry about my weight, but now that I'm 5 months pregnant and have gained 15lbs., I realize that my weight is AN issue. I get depressed thinking about getting big or should I say big-ER. Going shopping and having to pa__s all the cute clothes to get to the not-so-cute maternity clothes. But then on the other hand I think it will all be over soon. I think it's kind of superficial to worry about 1 lb here or their-but I am guilty of it, too. I felt dumb for even thinking the way I did.


just a little help - November 17

If your worried about your weight gain.. you shoud see a nuritionist, they will give you a foodguide to follow. I went to see one . took the food guide shopping and was amased by thehealth good food i bought and how cheap my bill was... here is a breakdown of your weight gain, if you never knew already: baby 7.5 lbs.... placenta: 1.5 lbs.... amio fluid 2 lbs Uterine enlargment 2 lbs... maternal b___st tissue 2 lbs....aternal bloodvolume 4 lbs... fluids in maternal tissue 4 lbs. maternal fat stores.. 7 lbs.. total overall 30 lbs.. I hope this helps.. also theres nothing wrong with lifting a book while you sit on the computer, or just simpe yoga when u wake in the morning. go to your library and get some videos on it. If you want help with nutrition let me know and ill give you a list of the canada food guide.. same applies all over the world.. youll be amased at the food that has the most fat in it, that thougth was good for you....good luck J



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