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momma3tobe - February 9

I am 13 weeks and I have gained 11lbs! I was 140lbs to start with and I am 5'2... alot of my weight had to be muscle because my waist was very small and I workout vigorously 6 days a week (and have for a very long time.) The problem is I still workout alot and don't eat unhealthy at all (it has literally been a year since I have had a burger) WHY am I gaining weight so fast? I don't understand and I am starting to get very distressed about it. I can't do any better than I am already doing and I know I can't cut back. I eat 2,000 cals a day but I burn at least 1,000 a day in excercise so I thought even though it was high, it was a good number of cals a day...should I cut back to 1800?


squished - February 9

This is just my opinion.....if you are eating 2,000 calories a day and burning off 1,000 a day then you are only keeping 1,000 calories a DAY for both you and the baby! Which is far from enough. Your body has probably entered the mode where it hangs on to every bit of nutrition...almost like a starvation mode. I personally think that you either need to start eating more or exercising less. Yes, it seems conterproductive but your weight will come around. Your body won't be afraid that it won't get enough food and then it'll stop storing all of the food that you eat. You also should ask you doc. if 1,000 calories is enough a day and I'm sure that they will agree that it's not enough. If you cut back to a net of 800 calories a day there is absolutely no way that your baby will be getting enough, nor you. Which again is why you are hanging on to more weight than normal. I hope that this helps.


lmk - March 4

By any chance, are you carrying twins? Supposedly, with multiples, you gain a lot more weight. Also, if this is not your first pregnancy, I think you gain weight sooner. I wouldn't obsess about the weight, as long as you're feeling good, and keep on exercising, it'll come off after birth.


sososleepy - March 8

Your blood volume increases a LOT, like 50%, after you get pg. Hello weight. That will go away after; don't sweat it (yet). Go have that burger and enjoy being pg, weight and all. Ok, perhaps a veggie burger, but really, have fun, you'll work it off later carrying the baby around and then chasing it...



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