I Wanna End It All

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kellyanne_2006 - May 16

i know this sounds horrible but please dont judge me. Here goes i broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and i had s_x with my ex on the 28th April 2006 and then got bk with my boyfirend the day after ( we sorted out or differences and we still love each other very much) so we had make-up s_x on the 29th and then on the 1st May 2nd 3rd and the 5th i know i ovulated on the 5th and i was wondering if it is possilble that the babys father is my ex's could his sperm be still alvive if i ovulated a week after we had s_x its just that i am going crazy @ the moment i have got implantation bleeding and i think im pregnant we i need some advice on what to do whats your opinion. i think like ending it all cos i am so depressed i really want this baby to be my boyfriends and i know there is a bigger chance it is his but i will always question it .


CrystalH - May 31

The average amount of time that sperm can live is 3-4 days. If you had s_x with your x on the 28th but ovulated on the 5th that's a difference of 6 days. It's possible, but highly unlikely that your x's sperm could have lived that long.


EmiRose - June 7

Kellyanne, I'm not going to judge you but I want you to think about something: Are you completely sure you really love your boyfriend? I have been lucky to find true love in my life and after experiencing such a feeling I know that you couldn't sleep with someone else as soon as you break up with the love of your life. Something inside just doesn't let you even if you're drunk at the time! It is important that you are clear first on what your true feelings are because at the end of the day if you truly love this man, the question is not whether you should end your pregnancy or not but whether you should stay with him and not tell him the truth. If this is the love of your life, are you going to start your relationship by hiding such a grave event? No the baby growing inside of you is not a thing but a human life fighting right now to survive and it depends on you to accomplish it. Are you going to punish an innocent baby that did not asked to be conceived only to end your depression and insecurities caused by your own insecurities and faults? As far as knowing for sure if the baby is from the man you love you can always do a DNA test once the baby is born and set the record straight. If this is the man of your life and loves you as much as you claim to love him then he will forgive you and love your baby no matter what. If not, then move on. But above everything else, you must be honest to yourself and to him. Don't let cowardness make you do the wrong things. I'm pretty sure this man will love and respect you more for coming forward with the truth than finding out years later of the wrong decisions you made and the lie. Good luck to you!


nintendoprincess0 - April 20

did you have s_x with anyone else? i know how you feel,at first i was happy then i began having doubts financially etc. and i even kept thinking i'd be a bad mom for even considering abortion. I'm only a couple months now but i know i've always had that maternal instinct that some women have so i could never kill a baby, even if it isn't your x's, if it was meant to be,i'm sure it'll be his. how do you know you ovulated?how long are your cycles?i agree with emirose's post and totally suggest you take her advice.


LIN - April 29

The original post is almost a year old!


jenna32 - May 3

i don't look at the dates,regardless of how old it is,someone on here might need the same advice and check out the post so there's no harm in posting.


snugglybugglys - June 12

I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to correct the first poster. the longest recorded amount of days sperm living, is 7, so there still was a chance that the baby was the other guys.


krissy2006 - November 22

I am sure they don't need the guiness record. The average amount of days for them to live is 3 with a max of 5.



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