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siobhan - August 25

i'm nearly 8 weeks into my pregnancy, is it still ok for me to go out for a jog and go on my treadmill ?


OB - July 21



Jen - July 23

I have a different answer. I know a lady who jogged every day until her 7th month of pregnancy. I'm not a doctor or anything but i suggest you ask your doctor about it.


Sanctina - August 11

My doctor told me any cardio is fine providing I don't go over 140 bpm.


TH - August 25

I enjoyed going to the gym when pregnant, but I did tone down my regime to gentle exercise on the cross trainer and walking uphill on the treadmill. I continued with upper body weights and went swimming until my 38th week. I gave birth to a very healthy, beautiful baby and am now swimming daily and power walking with the pram!


Brandy - August 25

i always go out jogging everyday, but I am right now one month pregnant, is it okay if i can still jog while i am pregnant?


Leah - November 8

Hello! I'm a personal trainer, but I'm not certified with motherwell, but from experience many women have enjoyed an active pregnancy! It would be wise to purchase a heart rate monitor and keep track of your heart rate during your runs and just watch how you react to the rising temp. of your body, that's the only time you would put the infant in trouble is by overheating.


Candice - November 16

It is definitely okay to jog while pregnant as long as your pregnancy is progressing without difficulties. Also, if you were extremely active before getting pregnant, you can also workout with your heart rate above 140BPM....You must watch however that you don't overhead. Bottom line...If you were active before, you can continue your daily routine, but if you were innactive, start an exercise program gradually!


Charlene - March 2

I know of someone that ran everyday @ a speed of 5 miles/hour for 45 minutes and also done karotee. She continued this until she went into labour. But ask you doctor because not everyone has a strong and uncomplicanted pregnancy like that


cc - March 2

what about step aerobics and spinning? I have just started those activities and now think that I am pg. I won't know until the 13th of March. Should I stop, slow down, or keep going??


S - March 22

Hi, I say Yes for jogging if you are used to it. I am physician , 10 weeks pregnant too and jog regularly.


kit - March 28

i keep hearing from friends that's it's ok to jog. I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and I'm still running. My nurse told me it's fine. I was working out in the pool during the other pregnancies and my doctor then said it was ok to go over 140bpm. It still scares me though.


Iowa - November 23

I'm running about 5 miles daily - no problems whatsoever and I'm currently in my 5th month. I'd advise checking with your doctor before you make your decision. Personally, I've found that jogging has been a great means of relieving stress and I always feel great after a run.


Mercedes - November 24

Weather permitting, I also run/jog about 7 miles, 4 times a week and I'm almost 13 wks pregnant...I don't wear a HR monitor either, they are not exactly reliable...Don't push yourself to the limit and if you feel like you are working too hard, do the 'talk test': you should be able to carry a conversation without having to gasp for air at any stage of your workout...Hope this helps


Ashley - November 30

My sis in law ran up until the day before labor with both of her sons. She ran about 3-4 miles. I would make sure you don't over do. She will be the first to tell you that she did too much and hurt her body doing it, but she only wanted two kids and she has them, so what? But it made the veins in her legs really bad and split her stomach muscles. She is not somebody to slow down if the going gets tough. She only gained 12 lbs her second pregnancy. I have nothing against running (I walk, personally, I'm almost 8 months and logged 40 miles last month, I'm so proud!) just don't be too proud to slow down. :)


charlie - January 4

I am 23 weeks pregnant and still jogging every other day, my doctor said it is fine to carry on as long as I feel comfortable


izie - November 15

im 8 weeks pregnant i go for short jogs every day, I dont go overboard with it only what feels comfortable for me. i havent done the whole monitorign my heart beat thing but it id a great idea considering i normally have a rapid heart beat



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