Karyn Question About Positive ANA

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PgwithNo2 - September 1

I kinda stumbled into this forum, and although I don't see the date you posted this - I have a few answers for you. I developed Lupus with my first pg with my son. And I am now 7wks pg with my 2nd. You can have a low positive ANA t_ter (test for lupus) and be okay. But if it is elevated - there is cause for concern and close monitoring by your OB/GYN and a Perinatologist (high risk OB Dr.). For instance... 1:40 or > is considered positive. I just had my ANA t_ter done and mine is 1:774 - which is high. Lupus is most often developed in women and most of those women develop it during hormonal changes such as pg. One side effect of lupus is that your body often produces significantly lower levels of progesterone - which is necessary to maintain a pg (critical the first 12 wks) until the placenta is developed and in place maintaining the pg. Both my pgs I have had to supplement with progesterone to aid in the minimizing the chance of a miscarriage. You may not always have symptons apparent to you (joint stiffness, etc), but your doctor needs to monitor your kidneys/livers very closely during your pg. If you want to contact me for more information, please feel free at [email protected]!


Marcie - October 31

Hello everyone! My name is Marcie and Im new to this site, but I have been reading everyone's stories and Im excited to me all of you and share my experience also. I found out that I had a + ANA when I was experiencing knee problems (soreness) a few years ago. I had seen my Rheumatologist and he had done some blood tests and found out that my blood had a high ANA. I was also experiencing rashes on my elbows, under my arms, and the palms of my hands called psoriasis--(which Im greatful my case is very mild). And after researching alot I found out that I had an auto immune disorder called psoriatic arthritis, so thats why I guess I have the + ANA. I have miscarried 3 times in the past 2 years. My first m/c was last May 2005-at 8 weeks. My second m/c was last October 2005-at 2 weeks. And my third m/c was this past September 2006- at 4-5 weeks along. My first 2 pregnancies I hadn't been on any medications, but after really finding out about my diagnosis I learned that it could affect getting pregnant and keeping a baby. So my high risk OB put me on Prednisone twice a day and progesterone twice a day and two heparin shots a day, plus taking the baby aspirin and I still m/c, but I had been pregnant (I didn't even know)a week before I had started taking the medications so I think the damage was already done by the time I started taking them.


keti - January 20

Hi, this is cathy(new user name). I haven't written in a long time. How is everybody?? Kim, how are your twins? Jenny how are you? My baby girl is already 9 months old....I can't believe it.The labor was the easiest part of my pregnancy,worrying about this stupid ANA was the hardest....I was scared it might get higher during pregnancy and going into preterm labor but thank God I didn't. I actually was a week overdue. Jenny,I am waiting to hear good news from you. If anyone has any specific questions about my experience feel free too ask.I remember how many questions iI had when I had a m/c and found out about my ANA. BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU


Amanda-NC - January 26

My sister recently got tested and her results came back 1:2650. Has anyone else had results this high? I really want to help her and give her some information. HELP!!


Lily - June 16

Hi there, Just wondering if ANA (Not APA) causes stillbirth.


npeterson - November 6

I just found out I tested possitive for ANA. I have had 2 miscarriages in a row and both of them didn't grow past 7 weeks but I didn't pa__s them untill 11 weeks. The misscarriages where identical. Is this because of the ANA? And if I am pregnant now I would be 4 weeks. Is it too late to do anything for this pregnancy?


mandyf - November 10

Hello npeterson... I have almost the same situation that you do. I have an elevated ANA (1:160) and have had 2 miscarriages. One in April and one in August. I have 2 healthy boys...ages 4 and 7. Doc told me that a pos. ANA alone does not cause miscarriage. All of my other tests have come back negative. I have never been treated with baby asprin, heparin or anything like that because I did not have bloodwork done until the 2nd miscarriage. I REALLY want one more, but am scared to death. HOw elevated was your ANA, do you know? I do know that my doc said if we did decide to try again, I would have to do atleast baby asprin and they would watch my progesterone levels...So, if you think you mat be pregnant, I would ask to be on atleast baby asprin. From what my doc says...it can't hury anything anyway!! Go for it... I think I would if I was pregnant again...Hope to hear back form you!! Mandy


keti - September 21

This is Cathy from the first posts..Cami, Jenny..how are you guys? Cami how did your pregnancy go? Jenny,how have you been feeling physically, any good news?Hope everything is good for both of you!!!! I've never met you guys, but i always think about you from time to time, and wonder how you are.


memomemo - October 14

I am a mother of two daughters thank god ,I have a high ANA 1:320,1:640 with no other symptoms and negative antiDNA antiCariolipin,I was asked to do this test after having a deep vien thrombasis but havn't experience a mc before ,i am planning for a third pegnancy but i am afrian that the pregnancy might trigger the lupus is this is true??? plz help


JessieP - October 23

Memomemo: I have a 3 yr old boy and had some different things going on 6 months ago. My MD tested me for autoimmune diseases and out of 5 tests, only my ANA came back positive. I had 2 patterns. A homogenous pattern at 1:640 which indicates lupus and a centromere pattern at 1:640 which indicates CREST syndrome, a limited scleroderma. I had a follow-up DS-DNA done to rule in or rule out lupus. It came back negative. ALL of my other tests came back normal. I also have NO symptoms of anything. My husband & I are hoping to try for another but I have the same concern you do...if I have a positive ANA, can pregnancy bring on the disease. I spoke to my PCP and she says I don't have an increased risk of developing symptoms of an autoimmune disease after pregnancy any more so than someone else who has a negative ANA. I also asked my OB and they said to wait on trying until after I come in on Tuesday for my annual so we can discuss things further. I will let you know what I find out at that time.


TXBelle915 - November 7

Hello ladies. I am brand new to this forum, and I cannot tell you how much relief I feel after stumbling onto this website. I have read a few of your stories that seem so similar to mine, so I would really like to hear some updates on all of you. I discovered a couple of years ago that I had a strongly positive ANA and slightly elevated RA Factor. I was referred to a Rheumatologist, who wanted to monitor me for 2 years before I started trying to get pregnant. (We had actually been trying for about 7 months, unsuccessfully, when I discovered the high ANA.) A couple of months ago I began having some pain in my hands, but so far that has been my only symptom. I am now approaching the end of that 2 year mark, so we would really like to know whether considering pregnancy is a bad option for me. I am really terrified that the hormonal changes during pregnancy will cause whatever I have to flare up. I don't want to get sick after having a baby and not be able to care for it the way I want to. I would like to hear from you - any stories or experiences you can share would be so beneficial to me. Thank you!



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