Kickboxing While Pregnant

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Lora - August 26

I've been doing kickboxing for 2 years before I got pregnant. I am continuing it while pregnant (I'm currently 14 weeks) with a few modifications. I was wondering if anyone else continued to kickbox and what kind of modifications they made? Sit-ups Ok? Hitting the bag hard OK? Jumping OK? etc...


Lindsay - September 1

I don't really have an answer but I'm kickboxing too. So far I've only stopped sparring. I've continued with bag cla__ses, weights and cardio kickboxing. I've heard you shouldn't do sit ups after 20 weeks. Have you learned anything since you posted your question? What modifications are you making?


Emily - October 13

My doctor said it is fine to continue with kickboxing.I am currently at 17 weeks. I try to stay away from sit ups that put me on my back for a long period of time. I alternate with side crunches & leg lifts. I do hit the bag for about 10 minutes of the cla__s. The rest is cardio.


Carrie - October 16

I've been told to not do any excercises that involve bouncing-walking, biking, swimming are o.k. I've also been weight training with lighter weight and higher reps.


Lisa - October 16

I would definetely stop the sit-ups; those are not OK to do anymore.


Joby - October 27

I am 34 weeks pregnant and still kick boxing. I can't sparr, do sit ups, squat jumps et.c. but I am still doing everything else. My kicks aren't as high but I still mamged to take a grading a few weeks back!


Wow - November 8

good for you ladies, i stopped cause i was afraid of the movement being to hard. but now where i had a nice kickin muscle built up in my inner thight it went jiggly.. I am joining yoga but i never thought to keep up the kicking and sqauts sparring and stuff. i ll get back on the bag, i cant handle the extra baggage.. good inspiraton thanks girls..:) happy sparing..



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