Knowing If You Are

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J-LO - November 13

If you have an unregular period and the have s_x are to excited to know if you are pregent take a blood test come back neg, and then you wait 3 weeks and take another its neg does that mean you are not. But at the same time you have seen changed.


Pam - November 18

I would either talk to my doctor to request another blood test or ask him/her to offer another explanation of what is happening....I'm sorry I don't have anything other than that to offer.


Tasha - January 22

Is it possible that a sing of being pregnant is that your nipples hurt?


ashley - February 6

I had s_x without a condom am i pregrent!


Courtney - April 4

Could I have got Pregnant at the first week of January and become a month in February or did I get pregant at the end of January


Tammie - June 7

the condom fell off inside of me can I be pregnant


lauren - June 9

havent had period in 2 months


heaven - June 29

your obviousley not pregnant


alyssa - August 2

i have not had a period


Shirley - August 3

Blood test are 100% accurate so maybe you need to do other tests regarding the changes you are witnessing cause there are alot symptoms that are similar to pregnancy but can be other things... It also can be stress mind is powerful tool to ourselves


Maria - September 14

how long do I have to wait to do a test to see if I'm pregnant?


carrie - September 16

i dunno


chell - September 16

I geuss been feleing lnot my sefl sick in the morning and eveing is there any way you can get pregant if you still have clothse on and if he came in 6 minutes


Tera - September 16

My nipples are sore my b___st hurt like hell can be pregant had s_x but with condom


maria - September 22

find out the last day of your period and count 28 days if you have an unreg period add 14 days and take a preg test and wish for the best out come


maria - September 22

how you know of your pregent


tammy - September 22

Ijust had my lats day of my rag had s_x that day can be preh gant in any shape from can you get pregant on the last day you are ont bleeding that badly but little



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