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new mommy - May 1

I have been so sick the last two months that I have been home a lot. If I sit still it is not so bad. But now whenever I move it seems like such a huge effort. I know I am supposed to be excercising but it seems impossible. Just walking the 20 minutes to work is a huge effort. Am I getting myself in trouble.


angelswim - May 3

I am in my first trimester for my second child, so I've been feeling a lot like this too. I don't get the full-fledged morning sickness, but instead I am queasy throughout the entire day. I am exhausted all the time too. I find it very difficult to get motivated to exercise, but I enforce the idea that I have to do it for the sake of staying healthy. Tiredness/fatigue/sickness will go away in your second trimester and you'll start feeling like yourself again, but If you feel that your problem is stressing you out too much, maybe you should contact your caregiver and see if they have any concerns.


new mommy - May 4

That's the thing though. I am almost through month 4. All these symptoms that everyone promised would be gone by the second trimester are still going strong. Second trimester=high energy phase. Whoever said that was crazy. Or maybe I am jsut weird.


Nadine-B - August 9

Hi new mommy you are not weird,LOL. My doctor has also told me that I have to exercise for 1/2 hour per day and I almost laughed at him! I am 4 months along and can hardly find the energy for the day to day stuff let alone exercise ,not to mention the fact that I am still getting morning sickness. I thought I might try yoga though it doesn't seem too energetic! Good luck and I hope we both find our energy again soon.


Renee-Marie - October 15

Listen to your body! If it's too much, then it's too much. 9 months is a short period of time (though it sometimes seems like an eternity). Walking was a chore in itself for me, so I knew I coudln't make it to the gym. Don't beat yourself up about it. I started my pregnancy at 135 (I am 5'9") and ended at 180. (i developed pre-eclampsia). My DS is now 5 months and I am at 140. (and still haven't exercised at all!!!) Our bodies were created so wonderfully - You will go back. But in the meantime, enjoy your 'bump' and just go with the flow. :-) Best of health to everyone!!!!



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