Lifting For Work

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Concerned Mother-to-Be - November 9

I know this isn't exactly exercise related however I lift an excessive amount of weight for my job on a nightly basis. Where I work we pack dough, so we have to lift the trays that the dough is placed on. Some of them average about 20-25 lbs. a piece. Once that's done they go into boxes and you have to lift those which range from 20-30 lbs. Then you put them on dollies and fill those up until there's about 300-400 lbs. on them. By the end of the night it averages between 3,000-5,000 lbs. It's not like when exercising where there's pauses, repitions, and all that. IT's a continuous lifting motion. Stacking the cases they can go as much as 19-20 high which is way taller then me. I know pregnant woman can usually lift between 20-25 lbs. at a time. But does this include lifting the amount of weight I do in a 3 hour period. There's no sitting, no breaks. Its all on cement painted floors that I tend to fallon which scares me. I have 3 times in the last month. So I don't know what to do. They are trying to say at work that it's fine but I don't know what other's experiences have been. Could someone please let me know what they have found out. I would appreciate it.


C - January 3

if your pregnant, you shouldnt be lifting. jeeejsh. that can cause complications during i mean..cord wraps..miscarry..etc. so id stop doing liftings if i were you.


steph - January 3

Ok- there has been an ongoing battle with women and lifting since the cave ages. My doctor has instructed me to go with what feels right. I still train in the gym- and lift more than 25 pounds at a time- I am 21 weeks pregnant, and am expecting a healthy boy. Everything in moderation makes sense. My only concern is that if you do lift too much, you will cause problems with your pregnancy. Your job sounds pretty intense. You should make some adjustments.


Marlene - January 4

What about health & safety regulations? In UK several different regulations would apply e.g. Manual Handling Operations Regulations, Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations would apply. Do you have a union that can advise? I'm a Moving & Handling Adviser and wouldn't expect a pregnant woman to perform the task as described.



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