Long Distance Runner Ok For Baby

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amylei7 - May 18

I have been running for a long time. Exercise has always been my hobby. I run about 11 miles a day, 4-5 times a week, and I am 5 weeks pregnant (just found out today). Is this harmful to my baby? After I am finished running I feel tired and worn out, but I do not feel overexhausted. Please help.


foxhoundsrgr8 - May 25

Hi amylei7, hope you are still reading this...I'm also an avid exerciser, I used to run as well, do spinning, teach step, do interval training, hillclimb, weights, you name it...When I got pregnant, I was in the best shape of my life...I didn't stop training, just modified my workouts to suit what my body was going through at any given point in time...So now I'm 38.5 wks pregnant, still do 1.5 hrs on the elliptical or the spinning bike at a moderate intensity...I still do weights, and I'm still very toned and feel great! My advice is to you, just pay attention to your body - for you, being as fit as you are,you are probably already in tune with your body, it will tell you exactly how far you can push it...Hope this helps...Also, I'm glad to have finally found someone really fit and pregnant, congratulations, and if you have any more questions I'd be glad to help (if I can..)


SaraMariasha - June 2

I am also a long distance runner and my Dr. said it was fine. FoxHound: what does that mean to modify? Did you run slower? Less distance?


foxhoundsrgr8 - June 2

To begin with, I just simply couldn't run as fast as I used to be able to - I would tire a lot sooner during my first trimester, which also meant cutting back on my mileage...I also start developing pubic sympysis dysfunction, which meant that at around 26 wks or so, all pounding movements (running, sprinting, hillclimb, and the like) caused me a lot of pain, so I had to start doing more on the elliptical and the spinning bike...That's why I'm doing 1.5 hrs on both of those 6 days a week, to keep my fitness up - for me the only way right now(on Sunday I'll be due!)...People are saying that I'm mad, but let me tell you, I feel great, no aches and pains, no swelling, I'm still toned, and very happy! So good luck guys, keep up with your training by all means!


SaraMariasha - June 3

Wow. COngrats on being so close and good luck! I am only five weeks, but I am getting a bit concerned about what will happen to my body and my shape. I was running about 30 miles a week and lifting quite a bit. I am still running, but morning sickness has yet to set in... I will try the elliptical if running gets too hard. Hopefully that means that after the birth I will be able to exercise sooner than later! Thanks again.


soontobe6 - June 4

running is a no no when pregant.your balance is off


Tiffany814 - June 15

I'm in the same boat as all you girls, I've always been a runner and do cardio and weights at the gym about 5 days a week. I've always been super athletic and in great shape my whole life. My major in college was exercise science. I talked to my doctor about running while pregnant and she said it's perfectly fine for as long as I can do it. Of course I may not be able to run through my entire pregnancy but I plan on running for as long as possible because it's my favorite thing to do. When / if it becomes a problem (too much for me or if I feel off balance or whatever), thats when I'll start doing the elliptical, stepper, walking, etc. But I know a lot of women, trainers at the gym, who not only did it themselves, well into their 7th months- but say its actualy great if you can do that. Its great for you to keep doing the things you've always done, but of course always listen to your body- it will tell you when its had enough. When pregnant you're just supposed to maintian your fitness level, not try to lose weight or whatever. For example, I wouldn't be doing deadlifts or anything. And actually there are contraindications for pregnant women, for exapmple, you should NEVER do anything over your head or raising your arms, i.e. lat pull downs, shoulder press, etc. Also no squats with the bar on your back and they even say to be careful w/ walking lunges. These are all harmful. Just be safe and try to maintain your fitness level. That way after you give birth it's easier to get back into shape and lose those extra pounds. Good luck to all and stay healthy!


jenn2 - August 12

I'am on my second pregnancy and ran the day I delivered the first. I'am a runner turned into triath. and all though I don't run as long a you do when I'm pregnant I'm able to maintian a good level of fitness. Things to monitor are pain!! Walk or stop if needed. If your a well trained athlete I recomend keeping your heart rate up to 165bpm. Try to avoid working out at a level where you start to build lactate acid as this means your body is short on oxygen and thus so is the amount going to the baby. I was able to also swim with my first pregnency up to one hour workouts and I biked and lifted the first trimester. I found after 5 months my stomach got in the way of biking. As to the person commenting on balance. Balance was not an issue for me. IT may be for some if your ligaments loosen up, however if your have a toned/ muscular build I find the tendons attachments will prevent you from entering range of motions that might throw one off balance. (So in plain words if you have tight muscles as I did loose ligs will not make a difference) I'am also a therapist and a former national level runner so I'am talking form experience. Good luck to all those athletic moms!!



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