Lot Of Weight To Lose After Giving Birth

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Annette - March 5

I had my baby 3 1/2 weeks ago; I thought I was in good shape and suddenly today I step on the scale just to realize I have 20 pounds to lose, when I gained 28 during my whole pregnancy. I am so depressed! I want to cry, my baby alone was 6 pounds, and I thought after losing the placenta and liquids a lot of the weight would be gone, so where does all this come from??? 20 pounds is a lot for someone my height (5 ft). I also tought that br___tfeeding would burn calories in a snap; it´s not happening! even worse, it has increased my apet_te! I can eat unimaginable amounts of whatever at any time. Please SOMEONE tell me that this weight will not stay here forever!!!


karen - March 6

Wow, I haven't had my baby yet, but this is a fear of mine. So I can't answer your question with any experience, but I do know that 3 1/2 weeks isn't very much time. My doctor said I'll need to wait 6 before I even really work out (a__suming a normal v____al delivery), and most people say it takes at least a month before it really starts to come off. Just hang in there a little longer, exercise, and eat healthy and you should start to see it come off I would think.


Annette - March 6

Yep, I can´t exercise or diet until week 6 asuming that I am fully recovered. It´s just that 20 pounds is an amount of weight I never thought I would have to lose, even when I know the saying "it took you 9 months to put it on, it will take you 9 months to take it off". I hope that like you said, it will start coming of after a month or so.


Jennbj - March 6

Annette, I went through theEXACT same thing after my baby. And I will tell you that yes the weight can be lost, but not without work. The breatsfeeding did absolutely nothing to help me lose the weight. I would work out with weights and that helped a little, but what I found helped me lose the weight the fastest was our elliptical machine (cardio). I love it!! Of course I had to do better about what I ate and still work out with weights, but as far as what worked best for me the elliptical was it. Unfortunely, I didn't figure it out until my baby was a year old. Don't get down just get motivated. I love that I finally got the weight off. I never thought I would. I even gave away my cute thin clothes that I wish I had now.


kats - March 10

hi just wanted to say i have had three babies and with all of them it was the b___st feeding that helped me lose the weight but that was 6 months later the first few months i didnt lose any weight it was gradual and i noticed the kids i b___stfed more i lost more weight.I heard intially whilst b___stfeeding it is not good to do a lot of exercise as you excrete toxins and that goes into the b___st milk.


Chan - March 10

Breastfeeding did NOT help me lose any weight. I lost the first 15 pounds like 2 days after I had my baby, and still had another 15 to lose. I didn't even lose 1 pound until I stopped nurseing. I nuresed my son for 12 1/2 months. As soon as I stopped I lost 13 pounds in about 3 weeks, then I found out I was pregnant again. So now I am 28 weeks pregnant. The same thing happend to a few friends of mine too. It's crazy how everyone is so different. Some people lose all there weight while b___stfeeding and others keep it on. I ate more when I was b___stfeeding then I did while I was pregnant.


Cathie - March 22

I am currently nursing baby no. 4, and have found that I only ever lose the baby's birth-weight after the birth and keep on all the other pounds I piled on. I lose nothing whilst b___stfeeding. The weight does however always come off (eventually) and quite easily when I stop b___stfeeding. I think we just have to think of the needs of the baby for a little while longer than just the pregnancy and worry about losing our weight when we finish b___stfeeding. Believe me, the weight always comes off in the end, but we can't help feeling a little impatient. Stick at it!


Olivene - June 6

It is too soon to worry. Talk a long walk with your baby everyday and stay away from junk food. Don't freak out yet- you just had your baby!!! It will be okay!


mommie2b - June 9

Don't worry you will lose it keep b___stfeeding and exercising.



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