Maternity Swimsuits

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Jen - March 15

I have heard that swimming is good exercise during pregnancy. So what kind of swimsuit are you supposed to wear? I checked at our local maternity store. They didn't sell swimsuits. Old Navy had maternity swimsuits, but they were 2 piece swimsuits with (what I thought were) very skimpy bottoms. I have always worn a bikini, but now that I am 20 lbs. heavier with a big ole belly, I don't know if I really want to sport a 2 piece suit. What is appropriate?


Jenn... - March 15

I have seen them at motherhood maternity. Try . I just wear my old bikini at home, but I wouldn't dare wear it in public!


Jen - March 15

I had tried the Motherhood store here at our mall and they didn't sell them. I will have to take a look on-line. Thanks.


J - March 16

Type in maternity swimwear in google and you'll get a bunch. Some are very pricey also try


Kelly - March 16

My doctors office had a JC Penny catalog devoted to Maternity stuff! They had a couple of swimsuits in there. Might want to check out their website.


cheri93065 - April 2

I am a tall girl anyway and usually wear about a size 14, I am now 15 pounds heavier and found alot of great suits at Layne Bryants yesterday, or try any othe rlarge woman clothes store they give you room to grow and are cheap and cute.


t - April 27

I'm 20 yrs old and used to wearing really skimpy swimsuits, i looked at Old Navy, and i thought that the tops were cute.I'm just going to find a pair of shorts that match, have you thought of that?


TRY EBAY! - April 29

I have a really cute old navy maternity swimsuit (size large) that has a tankini top and boy shorts bottoms. i wore it twice last summer and that is it! i will send you a picture if you would like to buy it! :-P


Tasha - May 9

I bought one at Old Navy. The bottoms do seem skimpy, but I think they are just made to go below the belly. I haven't really worn a 2 piece in a couple of years but I was comfortable in the one from Old Navy. The top is more like a tank top. It shows my belly a little bit but I think I can handle that.


Jessica - May 27

I personally think that a pregnant belly is a cute one. However if you want a one piece I've seen them at target dept store and walmart you could get one that fits or is a little bigger for future growth.


KellyB - June 7

i ended up getting mine from I love it! Can't wait to use it. It is 2 pieces but covers your belly and the bottoms cover my entire big b___t!



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