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Kelly - November 12

What are the possibilities of a woman having 11 miscarrages? I mean could this happen without serious problems occuring to the body of the woman?


kristina - December 6

yes i have i had 6


denise - January 17

what cause a miscarrage


tara - January 17

it is unclear what exactly causes a m/c. It could be any or a number of possibilities...most common I have heard is that there is something wrong with the fetus - most likely choromosome wise - and the body does not try to hang on to the fetus. I have heard that too much stress, any excercise that has a lot of hard jumping, lifting heavy objects can also cause it. If you just got off the pill and got pregnant right away (they say 3 months is safe) there is a slight chnace of having a m/c due to the fact that while on the pill your body thinks it's pregnant, and getting pregnant too soon the bosy may not be able to handle it. Don't eat/drink milk, fresh juice that's store bought, or cheese that is unpastrised. (tropicana juices are pastrized). Those are some of the things that I have heard of.


kelly - January 25

What causes a miscarrage?


sarah - March 23

my sister in law had 4 then she had a girl then another miscarrage the another girl. At them moment im bleeding while still taking my pill which has never happened to me i not sure what it is i have some pain in my stomach any answers would be great


micky - March 23

can u have a miscarrage after your 3rd month


karyn - March 23

I have had 3 m/c and the dr tell me, that jumping around, exercising, and lifting heavy object WILL NOT cause a m/c. Usually it is caused from a deform in the fetus or you could have an anitbody problem. I have an ANA anitbody in my system that terminates my pregnancies. I am 21 weeks pregnant now and they have found a way to prevent the anitbody from triggering a m/c. Look in to your heath.


Sophie - March 24

First of all, you can't cause a miscarriage by exercising or lifting heavy weights - a miscarriage occurs when there is something wrong with the fetus, typically chromozomally. It is your body's way of rejecting what is not normal. In now way can you cause it by jumping or stuff like that.


andrei - April 9

yes this could happen


Lynn - April 10

My cousin has had 8 miscarriages & finally carried a baby girl to term. Usually after 2 or 3 consecutive ones doctors will start looking forother reasons as to why you might be miscarrying. Antibodies are one reason another is that your uterus cannot sustain a pregnancy, sometimes women have a abnormally shaped uterus where the fetus cannot grow properly and there are also some other reasons beside chromosome problems but they are very rare.


annmarie - May 7

ive had 7 blighted ovums and im fine


michelle - May 21

How do you know you had a miscarriage?? What happens when you do?


michelle - May 22



j - May 26

i really have know idea i need to know how do women have miscarages


marrey - June 14

yes i did not have any but i know


unknown - July 4

do you bleed alot if you had a miscarrage of being one or two months and does your period get messed up



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