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little00blondie - January 15

As Ive posted before, Ive had a really hard pregnancy- and at 6 months, Im still very sick. The only thing I can manage to do in a day is clean the house, cook for my husband, and run errands. I am not gaining weight or eating bad is it ok if I havent been able to exercise? I always planned on exercising alot during pregnancy, but now that it's here- I feel too bad. Do you think it's ok? I was very fit before pregnancy...and still look about the same (+ stomach) and I try and do my kegals every day.... but just vacuuming and stuff has been exercise enough for me!


livdea - January 16

Sounds like you just need to relax when you have the time! If you are sick and not feeling well, there is no point in exercising. As long as you are eating healthy, and not eating tons of junk you'll be fine. Its better for your body to rest, you need all the energy you can get to build that baby! Don't waste it on exercising. Just take care of your body and your baby!


Stephanie - January 16

Oh you poor woman. That must be hard for you being very ill. Do not worry about exercising- you have a very important job right now- trying to stay as healthy as possible, building that healthy baby, being good to yourself too. Take it one day at a time. I am sure you have, but make sure you see your doc regularly. Good luck for the next few months. You will be fine and back with it as soon as this all pa__ses. Be good to you!!!


Jane - January 25

Girl you are doing enough! Sounds like you're not a couch potato or anything. You're pregnant, it only lasts 9 months, just be a little easier on yourself really!


It is not o.k. - January 26

Sorry honey but it is not o.k. to exercise, the rule of thumb is if you havent done it in the last six months then dont start it now it could bring on preterm labor


karen - January 26

I'm with you. I always thought I would keep exercising all the time throughout pregnancy. For several months I was not up to doing much of anything, and now that those months have pa__sed, I'm too out of shape for a real workout! It's frustrating but it sounds like you're doing just fine.


ashchik - February 13

wat are kegals


thailiya - February 14

If your body doesn't feel like it wants to exercise than don't. You can go back to exercising after the baby is born and your feeling better again. Dont put too much stress on yourself. Especially if your sick !!! I wish I could exercise but every day after work as soon as I get home I fall asleep after sitting down for less than 5 minutes. But....if I feel a spurt of energy than I get up, clean, and stay active. Listen to what your body tells you. It is okay to relax. Your body has a growing baby..thats a workout in itself ! PLus you are eating right and not gaining unecessary weight so your good to go !


Jenn2 - February 16

I am 6 months pregnant right now, and I only walk about 3 times per week. This is coming from someone who went to the gym every single day pre-pregnancy. I was in REALLY good shape pre-pregnancy, but I find that I am too tired or just feel too heavy sometimes to give it the effort. I had always planned to walk every day when I got pregnant, but its not happening. I still try to eat really good, so I do not gain too much weight, but I am not stressing about it. Just do what you feel like you can. Everything will be fine!


little00blondie - February 28

Thanks for the advice- but I am now about 6 weeks away from birth (my due date got moved up) and I've only gained 4 lb.s! I eat really healthy and I've been keeping a food diary- but I've just been very sick energy-wise., and for some reason havent been able to put on a lot of weight. But oddly baby is huge! So nutrition wise- Im doing a great job of growing her, according to all of my dr.s/midwives...she is really healthy- thank goodness!!! So Im going to continue taking it easy and not being hard on myself- because that's what my body needs.... I already have walking/stroller cla__ses and ballet cla__s lined up for after the baby! : ) I guess I've realized listening to my body right now is the best thanks for the encouragement everyone! : ) It's just hard not feeling guilty...



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