Paranoid Boyfriend

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Dorabeth - August 17

I am 24 and going through my first pregnancy. I am 8 weeks and soooooo exhausted all of the time. I wake up and go directly to the couch. I stand up and am soooo tired I immediately sit back down. I am 123 pounds (my normal weight for the past couple of years) and my boyfriend constantly hounds me about being lazy and getting fat. I literally have to force myself to exercise. Is there anything I can do to feel more energetic? And even if I wasn't tired I am pretty much nauseated until the sun goes down.


teigan - August 18

hi i am the same, my heart rate has increased so much that i cant be bothered anymore, is yours ok, as lots of volume changes in the blood causes this, just go for little walks round the block, up and down stairs, do not do things because your boyfriend tells you to, if you do not feel like it you could do yourself more harm than good take care


Kaye - October 10

This is so normal for your first trimester maybe you should get your boyfriend the The Expectant Father book and let him find out your fine and you will gain weight and many men find it s_xy. Your boyfriend needs to learn some things!


Lisa - October 12

I think you're boyfriend should cool it with the not nice 'jokes'. It's harder on some women then others and when he is carrying a baby may be then he will have room to give some opinions like that. The tiredness will pa__s, I was exhausted my first 3 months then it got better. Comments from him though probably does not help I bet?


andrea - October 26

wow-he's being a little unreasonable. I am 24, also and am now 21 weeks. The first 12-15 weeks were a freakin nightmare. I WOULD NOT exercise. You're just adjusting, it's ok.k. to sit on your b___t as much as you want. Nothing helped me to shake the constant sleepy, lazy. Just wait it out and in a few weeks you'll be feeling great.


kr - October 27

You are normaL. Make him go to the doctor's office with you on your next visit. When the doctor tells you not to do anything that makes you lose your breath and to take naps it should get your guy off your back. And I agree with Kaye, if he got you pregnant he can read a book about what to expect.


Keegan - November 3

I feel like I am pregnant. But can I just be paranoid? I always have protected s_x, and my period is due any day but. I am exhauseted, bloated, feel full in the abdomen,have to urinate often. This cant be......but is it?


Sophie - December 12

Keegan do your b___bs hurt? Do you have pms-y feelings like mild mood swings and weird pelvic achiness? I had no idea I was pregnant until 2 and 1/2 months. Th eonly symptom I had was b___st tenderness and finally my b___bs got so big I took a preg test and surprise, I was pregnant. Plus, my boyfriend and I always used condoms which was a little disturbing!


Sophie - December 12

Haha I just realized you posted like over a month ago, so you probably know by now for sure. Well, maybe my answer will help somebody else! :)


J - December 22

Dorabeth- I totally feel like that. I am 16 weeks, and out of the first trimester. Although my nausea is gone......I am soooo tired all the time!! I loose my breath by just getting out of bed and walking down the hall. Its crazy, but I could not even think about a workout plan right now. On my GOOD days I will take a 30 min walk, but that is only like 2 days a week right now. I am hoping after the holidays I will feel better, and will be able to walk at least 4 or 5 times a week. I used to be in such good shape, and would work out 6 times a week for about a hour each time, so I know this is not me being out of shape.....its just the pregnancy. I have come to accept that I will just have to follow what my body wants right now, and there will be plenty of time after giving birth to work out every day and diet....if that is what I want to do.


Rachel - February 15

You're only 8 weeks pregnant. I was tired and nauseated my whole first trimester. It's totally normal for you to be tired right now. It will go away and you will be more energetic once you hit your 2nd trimester. Your boyfriend isn't being very supportive if that's all he cares about is your weight. Don't let him get to you. Take care.



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