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kamori - July 15

i am 7 wks or at least i think. i took 2 home pregnancy test that both came back positive. two days after the second pregancy test i started to spot, two days after that it was a full bleed. i bled for 3 days before i called the doctor (which was on a friday) she told me to come in first thing monday 2 have a blood test to confirm pregnancy. my preganancy was confirmed and i had to go back the following wednesday to have another to see if my hcg level had went down. i had to go in on thursday to have a ultrasound. (still bleeding) dr. told me the fetus or whatever it is called at 5 wks was rite at my cervix about to abort on its own and gave me 3 options 1 being a d&c, 2 being some kind of shot to speed the miscarriage along and after i stared at her for about 10 sec. she offered option 3 to think about it over the weekend and give her call if anything happened before monday. i continued to bleed that day, on friday i only spotted, then by sat, sun, and mon NOTHING!! no sign of any tissue or alot of bleeding or cramping. what happened???? i called the dr. she suggested some type of pill for me to insert va___ally to make me contract until it came out. WHAT??? I've been trying to get pregnant for at least 10 years!! this is the first time i have ever been pregnant since i was 17 years old ( i m/c then after 8 wks) I've been married for almost 7 years my husband has a child with someone else and having a child is the one thing i want more than anything else. (just a lil bit of history) since the ultrasound i've only been spotting not enuff to even wear a pad but just wen i use the bathroom and wipe there is brownish blood but just today there was reddish blood and some cramping. can N E BODY tell what is going on??? let me tell u, i am a God fearing Christian and i believe in miracles and i also want to use wisdom and knowledge. help me please!


oct19bad - July 22

That happened to me too but i lost the baby a week after. I didnt want to take any pill or D&C just incase.. Hang in there.


mary b - July 29

This is an exercise forum...right??????????



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