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Annette - February 27

I gave birth almost 3 weeks ago; I bought a postpartum girdle as I have heard they help a lot to reduce the saggy belly but every time I tried to put it on I started bleeding heavily. Now that blood is not a problem, I want to try it again but I am affraid it might be too late. Does anyone know when and for how long this things are supposed to be worn? and, probably I should ask instead, do they really help? It is so uncomfortable I can only keep it on thinking that it will help me go back to my prepreggo body, otherwise I would burn it without thinking twice.


Lyd - March 4

I am sorry I can't help with your question, but I am interested in the concept. Can you use any girdle, or did you have a special one? It seems like it would help put all your organs back in place, is that the theory?


Annette - March 5

Hi, Lyd. The concept is holding the tummy muscles and tissue so it goes "back to where it was"; I don´t want to say something stupid because I honestly don´t know if there is any logic explanation to it, I just know my mother wore one after each of her 3 births and at age 60 she looks great and so do a lot of other people I know who did the same. I am wearing mine now pretty much all the time and I must admit after a couple days it is more confortable having it on than not, at least I don´t feel my tummy tissues wiggling like jell-o when walking. I bought a post-partum girdle, it is basically a wide elastic band that you cinch around the belly with a velcro strip although my mom thinks a wide post-surgery bandage would work better than that. Like winning the lottery, might be easier to get the expected result if i wear it than if I not. It might be worth it.


virginia holmes - April 4

Hello, I used to wear one to slim my waist when no pregnant, and now I am pregnant. I am due in June so right now I am shopping for a good one. Of course it has to be bigger than the actual I have. So, if my body was size S, I know now I am size L. I might have to use size L for a while, then switch to size M, then go back to my pre pregnancy size. Please, do not burn your girdle. If you do not like it, sell it on e-bay or exchange it one size bigger. It will be worth you use it. You are suposed to use it for one hour the first day, then increse until you are able to use it all day or 8 hours. Yes, everyday. Otherwise contact me and sell it to me. I am really interested shopping for one on my size. Thanks- Virginia


Olivene - June 6

I'm in Japan and the post-partum girdle is used by everyone here. I don't know from my experience, but there are a lot of s_xy mamas around!


falafal0 - July 31

It sounds like you may have it too tight. I'm not sure...I'm 37 weeks and wear a pregnancy girdle now and will get another one for post partum, but it's interesting that you say that you bleed heavily. Perhaps get it checked out by your doctor. If it's so uncomfortable that you can only wear it for a very short time, that should tell you something. Try loosening it, and start from there...good luck.


mischelly30 - August 7

Hi, can anyone tell me if these worked? I bought one, but I'm not sure if I should use it. On the one hand, holding everything in sounds like it'd help. On the other, I'd think if you were being supported by a girdle you would use less of your ab muscles, and therefore get your abs back slower. Anyone had personal experience with this?


Maci - January 16

I was wearing my girdle for 6 weeks immediately after giving birth to my 2nd child (also after the 1st child!!) and after that period, I went back to my normal pre-pregnancy clothes. The girdle is helping my uterus to contract faster and it gave excellent back support while b___stfeeding and during lifting my child in and out of the cot!!


Euros - May 22

You can read more about postpartum girdles here on: Belly-bands.Com


dekraytom - December 13

Betty Belts from her home in a shadow of the frigid


dekraytom - December 13

Betty Belts from her home in a shadow of the frigid



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