Post Pregnancy Weight Amp Body

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BrookeK - March 9

If you gain an ordinary amount of weight during the pregnancy and stay in shape, how long does it take to get back to your original size afterwards? BTW I'm not pregnant yet but I'd just like to know what to expect... Thanks


K - March 9

Everybody is different. I gained 28 pounds and did pre-natal yoga throughout my pregnancy. I had an emergency C-section. It took me six months for my weight and my bottom half to be completely back to normal, the top half is still bigger because of b___stfeeding. That was without dieting or exercise. Once the baby was born, I didn't have time to exercise!


MNMOM - March 11

I gained 19 pounds with my first child. 6 months after delivery I had lost 40 pounds, this was with diet and exercise. Depends on age I think to, I was 28 that time around. I also b___stfed for 6 months which helped dramatically!


cakegirl - March 25

I just ran into a friend who had a baby 9 weeks ago, and you can't even tell she was ever pregnant! I must remember to ask her what her secret is!


BrookeK - March 31

Thanks! Yeah, it seems like it varies from woman to woman. I just hope I'm one of the lucky ones! (of course I hope staying in shape during the pregnancy will help...)


owensmom - April 5

I had preeclampsia so I was really swollen when I was pregnant- I was in really good shape prior to pregnancy- did Bikram yoga and was a ballet dancer and stuff. It has been 13 months and I am back into my pre-prego clothes but they do fit differently because my b___t and thighs are different. I had a C-section and that makes a difference, too. They say it takes a full 3 years to recover and that it took 10 months to put it on so plan on 10 months to take it off. Hope that helps.


vanja10 - April 18

I gained 45 lbs througout pregnancy and my boy is 6 weeks old now and I have 12 lbs to go.. This is without any exercise, just strictly b___stfeeding.. I've had friends who gained 40 lbs and within 2 months were back to their pre pregnancy weight.. I think b___stfeeding helps, and I try to pump a little extra to burn more calories.. Plus, for the first week or so the shock of giving birth, I wasn't even hungry and would often 'forget' to eat.. I'm sure that helped with weight loss.. *lol*


kelsey - April 19

Im so with the b___stfeeding diet. With my son Nathan I gained nearly 50 lbs. After he was born I b___stfed him for a year and now am skinnier then I was before. I didnt even work out! I just got back into the gym. Last night we found out im expecting number two! Yikes my son is only 19 months! Hopefully the 2nd time around ill be lucky with my weight after. Im gonna try to not gain as much though during my pregnancy!


cadens mom - May 20

well it isnt easy... i had my son (my 1st) on oct. 10th and still have 15lbs to go... i gained 26lbs, thought i was in pretty good shape and used to be in good shape but no matter what these last 15lbs wont go away...



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