Pregnancy And Rock Climbing Biking

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Climber - November 5

My husband and I are avid rock climbers (outdoor and indoor), and we climb regularly at the climbing gym. We also bike everywhere, since we live in a place that's pretty well set up for it. We're just about to start trying to get pregnant. How long into a pregnancy will I be able to go climbing at the gym? Biking to work/store/anywhere?


coco - November 8

you'll have to ask your doctor's advice but i would think you could do both those things until you feel uncomfortable.


karen - November 9

My doctor told me to stop riding my bike because of the risk of falling (that was at 14 weeks). But if you & your doctor feel comfortable with it, I think leisurely riding to work would be safer until you start to show and your center of gravity is thrown off. Not sure about rock climbing.


KellyN - November 9

My husband and I are avid cavers, so we have the same issue ttc. After talking to my doctor, the main thing is not to fall, at ANY point in your pregnancy. If you get yourself into a position where you may fall, its time to go back. I'm not pg yet, but I do wonder if wearing a seat harness would be very good while pg?


Med Student - December 7

That is really a question your OB needs to help you with. He/she will be appraised of any other health concerns involved in your pregnancy as well as able to sit down with you to discuss it.


climbergirl - January 20

I am 37 weeks pregnant and still climbing. Rock and Ice. For comfort I ordered the Petzl 8003 mountaineering harness that is a full body once my bump started showing. I stopped lead climbing around 5 months, and even then I was only leading stuff that was well within my range, sport or trad. I still go to the climbing wall 3 days a week, and I was ice climbing 3 weeks ago. It is different maneuvering around this belly, but it feels great. Keep at it!


climbergirl - January 20

Karen, i can't believe your doctor told you to stop biking! My best friend rode in a race at 36 weeks and won!!! not only that, she ran in a 10km 5 weeks postpartum and won her category too! I personally think that some people are just paranoid! If your body is used to doing it...then just keep on doing it! Stop worrying about stuff! All you ladies need to be tough and just giver!


babyBMW - March 9

climbergirl, thanks for your comments. I was wondering about climbing and 4 months preg. (we climb occasionally) I checked out the comments on this site and went. I wore my husband's other harness b/c mine was too was GREAT! I I loved the feeling of making it to the top with baby in tow (5.7)!!


CarrieCooper - January 18

Climbing on top rope is a great way to exercise through your pregnancy!! The petzl harness is the way to go for sure. I rock climbed all the way till I had my beautiful, very healthy baby boy at 41 weeks. If you need more info, check out my blog. I have 9 months of posts. There is also a video of me climbing pregnant for proof! Do what feels good to you and makes you happy!!! Happy mama, happy baby.


deenamathew - July 30

If you are considering pregnancy, you may already be aware of some of the exercise guidelines .Experienced rock climbers who want to continue the sport in pregnancy often turn to climbing without a harness and ropes which is more dangerous than rope climbing. The harness is an attempt to make rock-climbing safer and more comfortable. After the first trimester when the abdomen starts to protrude, there is increased risk of trauma in terms of 1) harness pressure, 2) rock (or object) fall, or 3) leader fall The easiest solutions: 1) wear a full-body or specially designed harness that will ride lower across the abdomen rather than directly across the belly b___ton; 2) climb in areas with solid rock and avoid more questionable crags or alpine routes that are notorious for rock fall, slab avalanches, or climbers dropping gear from above; 3) follow rather than lead; 4) climb familiar routes; 5) boulder or traverse low to the ground; or 6) focus on less technical climbs well within your ability, in order to remain safe but still have fun.



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