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jenna32 - July 20

so i have cut down running to like once a week for 20-30 minutes. my growing tummy started hurting from running, is that normal?i'm almost 22 weeks now. I also noticed it happened one other time during s_x to. is it just cuz it's like fat sticking out i'm not used to that's uncomfortable or something?


jenna32 - July 20

oh and i don't think it's round ligament pain because it's not usually where i get those kinds of pains but not sure if it could still be that.


beagle1223 - July 21

I've turned to walking for half an hour with 5 pound hand weights 4-5 times a week instead of running. It doesn't hurt as bad and there's not as much bouncing around. I actually enjoy it more than running now!


cattac - July 24

Hey Jenna, what kind of pain? Is it braxton hicks contractions? With my past two pregnancies I had it around that time. Yes it could still be ligament pain but where exactly does it hurt? I ran through my last two pregnancies with my second pregnancy up until the day I delivered so I know it can be done but one thing you can do as you get bigger is get a belly support band...they should sell them at maternity stores and it wraps around your back under your belly and in my opinion really does help. You can try that and see if it's still pain. Actually is it pain or just discomfort?


cattac - July 24

also the reason I asked if it's braxton hicks where your tummy gets really tight feeling is because s_x can causer those too...nothing to be alarmed about it's normal. Also if you are having braxton hicks a lot after running it could be because you're not getting enough fluids. I alsways carry my water bottle with me while running and usually drink some at every mile.


jenna32 - August 31

hmm maybe it could be,my tummy does get harder but i just thought i'd know if i was having contractions,lol. i bring a big water bottle to. i've even tried stretching first and got it again.


leslie_xx - February 4

This happend to me, but I read another person ran straight through her pregnancy. It depends on your body. I have been doing life cycle and walking on incline because the baby doesn't like running.


wendy020508 - October 25

how do i ask a question im havinf difficultys?


mary b - October 26

I am 30 weeks and still run 2 miles 4 times a week, and do yoga or weights on the rest of the days. I remember around 25 weeks feeling like my belly was achy but keep up with your running if you can. your body will adapt. Your cervix is growing and your abs have to get used to it. Slow your pace and walk hills.


runnershirl - June 1

Does it make a difference if you have only been a casual runner lately? I've been a runner my whole life and even trained for a couple marathons and won state championship in track...but that was YEARS AGO. Once a runner, always a runner (in spirit), but now I only go out for a casual jog. My thought though is that i might be in the beginning stages of pregnancy and am 38 years could this advice on running thru pregnancy change if you're considered "high risk" or if you haven't already been running every day? My body has adjusted well over the years to me just picking up a casual jog here and there...Thoughts?



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