Question For Those That Were Active During Preg

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Leah - November 19

Hi ladies! I was wondering about how long your labor was being an active female during pregnancy and how active were you? I have heard from numerous women that labor is a breeze when you are fit. Thanks Leah


josie - February 17

I'd like to know too


trace - April 6

I jogged (slowly) until a week before my son's delivery. He was 10 pounds and a compound birth yet I pushed him out in record time. The first stage was not easy, but when it came to the pushing, piece of cake. I was also able to lose the 75 pounds I gained within a few months. I'm 39 weeks now and I had to lower my speed again to a glorified waddle, but I feel strong and healthy.


Mel J - April 29

I am a nurse so I worked 12 hr shifts (on my feet 99.9% of the time) my whole pregnancy. I also did pregnancy Yoga and walked w/ my hubby every night. My labor was really, really fast and easy, I didn’t even have pain meds but unfortunately his head was posterior (facing up instead of down) so I ended up w/ a c-section. none the less I would recommend exercise it really helped me not only with the labor but also just to feel well throughout the pregnancy and gave me a quick recovery!


jen - May 24

i exercised at curves throughout my pregnancy. i wouldn't say that labor was a breeze but i only pushed for 45 minutes when i finally dilated to 10.


chel - June 26

I was really active throuout my entire pregnancy. Did lot's of walking and aerobics. My labor (including pushing) only lasted 2hrs 56 min. And that was my first child and he ended up being 3 weeks early!!


jenna32 - February 21

only almost 3hrs? i got yelled at for my labour lasting like 2-3 hrs,this one nurse was mean she expected me to do it in half a hour with a epidural i think it took me about 2 hours


jenna32 - February 21

( time really flew though i seemed like only 20 mins lol


ErinP - April 3

Well, I did aerobics, strength training and yoga until I was about 38 wks with my first and my labour was 46 hrs! I did only push for 30 mins, but that's because it was vacuum-a__sisted since the cord was around his neck. I didn't find it all that difficult though, and I'm sure being in good shape helped a lot.


cshaylee - April 23

I feel that I was very active. I ran 4 miles a day, six days a week throughout the entire pregnancy...I actually went into labor on my morning run...on my due date! I also lift weights (totally a judgement call for all the mom's to be out there!). I only gained 12 lbs and was feeling fantastic and rarin' to go! Well, let me just say, that one thing I've learned from this whole thing, is that you can't control everything! My labor lasted 36 hours and ended with an emergency c-section! I have to say, I was a little disappointed! But I'd do it again in a second! I had the baby on Friday and by Tuesday, my belly was flat again! I may have been a little down about the whole labor part, but my recovery was great and I think being so healthy definitely helped! I think it's important to remember that regular excercise during pregnancy isn't just important for the "big day" but for all those days post-partum, when women have to kiss their new bundle of joy and get their bodies back!


momma3tobe - May 21

I ran and did strength training as well as well as using the eliptical machine daily during my whole pregnancy. My labor lasted two hours and I pushed for 10 minutes, but I generally have short labors anyway (1st two were 3hrs) recovery was MUCH easier though, being fit helped me tremendously in that dept.


mary b - May 25

I had a 5 hour labor and 40 min of pushing with my first and I was very active. Very quick!! I ran 2-3 miles a day until about my 6th month, then switched to walking. I did prenatal dancing and yoga till the end.


cakegirl - June 7

I was really active early in the pregnancy, until about 5 months, when pelvic pain really slowed me down - I did my last fun run (walked the whole thing) at 6 months pregnant, and from then on it was only swimming laps or aquarobics. I didn't labour at all LOL! My daughter didn't want to come as I had too much amniotic fluid and she wasn't pushing at all on my cervix. I was induced, and even after my waters were broken at 15 hours on the drip, nothing was happening, so she was a c-section.



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