Running And Pregnant Is It Ok

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Savanah - December 3

Hi, I just found out that I am pregnant from 4 positive HPT, waiting on the Blood Test results from my doctor. Anyhow, for the past 3 weeks, I have been running about a mile 3-4 times a week, because I thought I was getting fat. Is it ok to continue to do this since I am pregnant? Should I continue running on the indoor track, or go to like a Stair Stepper or a machine with less bouncing? Thanks!


Payton - January 14

Hello! I was wondering the same thing, I'm still in the stages of ttc and a friend told me that the embryo may have a hard time latching on if I continue to run, but I just know too many women who have run up to their 7th month!!!


Alison - January 14

I run 4 times a week, as long as you don't run to the point of exhaustion it is ok.


r - January 14

If you have been running/jogging for a while it's okay to continue but make sure you can pa__s the "talk test"...that is to be able to cary a conversation while running/jogging. Don't exhaust your self, don't go that extra mile or the extra 5 minute...stop as soon as you need to. If you are using matchines, the "talk test' still aplies, but for less bouncing the eliptical trainer is great.


r - January 14

Also, the embryo might have a hard time latching only if running is a new activity for you. If you have been doing it for some time your body is already used to it, and no need to worry. But don't take up any new activities.


Alison Landry - January 14

Thanks Gals!


arelys - January 24

Hello! I have been wondering the same but then more specifically concerning implantation? I ask this because I felt I was pregnant (but not yet overtime), went running (which I have been doing lightly for two years, I never push msyelf) and that evening started bleeding like crazy whereas my period was way too soon. I want to go running tonight but I'm kind of scared now. Does running affect implantation?


Jessica - February 1

I have been running daily 40 minutes on my tredmill but with no incline and at a lower speed 5.3. I feel better when I have ran but also ran before I got pregnant.


Karen - February 2

I am about five weeks. I have always been a runner and continued to run while trying to conceive and since I found out I was pregnant. I usually run around 30 miles a week and have lowered that amount a bit since I found out. I think it is fine to run as long as you do not overdo it and you listen to your body.


Stephanie wilson - February 16

It should harm the baby only if you are over 5 weeks and feeling strong but you should go see your doctor and discuss this problem with him or her


Richard - March 1

My two cents, Whilst your doctor will always advise you to stop running, there are many examples of girls running whilst pregnant. As a member of a long distance running club, I have seen many pregnant compet_tive runners including two (to my knowledge) who have run under 3 hours for a marathon in the later stages of their pregnancy (6 months or more) and My wife ran a 46km (30 mile) mountain race when 5 months pregnant, and another girl 4 months won the race in a little under 5 hours. Just listen to your body and enjoy your running Richard


Ali - March 2

I am 30 weeks pregnant and up until my 28th week I went jogging and running. Now that I am getting too big I have had to slow my pace down a little due to discomfort. I have found that SWIMMING is a fantastic way to exercise during pregnancy. Swimming helps your cardio and I swear to god helps with the back pain coming your way. If you are worried about running, the answer is simple...don't do it. I would recommend swimming though. Its great and it supposidly helps with labor and delivery.


nimi - March 11

Hi, I am 33 years old. Am I too old to get pregnant


S - March 22

Hi, I am 25 and three months pregnant, and I am regular runner. I just reduced for 2 months my runs when I was trying to conceive,because I suffered from ammenorhea. When I got pregnant I couldnt run,just brisk walk first three weeks,cause I was so exhausted and fatigued. Once my energy was back I back on track, running 5-6 times a week,but only for 20 minutes each. I feel great. The key is to listen to your body,slow down when you can not catch breath,or feel like your heart beat is a way too fast. and dont overheat yourself, cause increase core temperature can be harmful. Also wait for Dr's opinion, since running is perfectly alright only in low risk pregnancies. So if running feels good, just put on those sneakers and enjoy it!


Alison - August 19

I have been training for a half marathon in two weeks and just found out that I am five weeks pregnant. Is this safe for me to run if I have been training for the past three months???


Tiff - September 10

A pregnant mommy should not run farther than 2 miles at a time.


Angela - October 24

My doctor said definitely running was fine as long as I wasn't pushing myself too hard and keeping my heart rate below 140.



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