Running And Pregnant Is It Ok

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Angela - October 24

My doctor said definitely running was fine as long as I wasn't pushing myself too hard and keeping my heart rate below 140.


Linda - October 29

I ran every other day and I use a heart monitor. With my first baby, I ran 3-4 times a week 2-4 miles and I lifted weights. My doctor said as long as I know when to stop. The idea no pain no gain is not true when your pregnant, it pain you stop. I ran 3mile the day I went into labor. However, ask your doctor if running is good, everyone is different. In addition, if you where running before you were pregnant why stop, walking is good also.


Allison - November 2

first of all-if you are only running 1 mile each time...that should be fine at this early of a stage in pregnancy. Later on you may want to cut it down to walking. My question to you is- How the heck you have the energy to jog while pregnant. I used to work out every single day on the treadmill or eliptical machine for 30 min. each day. Now with all the nausea and tiredness.....its all I can do to force myself to walk a few times a week. Maybe you are one of the lucky few who does not have any pregnancy symptoms????


Linda - November 3

Running is fine, it is not for everyone, and remember your "Running on Full" listen to you baby and your body. If you started to run now, start my asking your DR., start slow. I read some of the responds and some are answers do not think outside the box. Your baby will protect, if you fear running will harm you baby. Do not do it. I know form experience that running is fine I did it with my first child, I ran from week 1 – week 40, I ran 3 miles the day I went into labor. If you can afford a heart monitor to run with do it. I used one; I even lifted weights at the gym. Some women just think you pregnant that means you my break like gla__s, but like I say everyone is different, always listen to you body, if it tells you NO I AM tired, NO I HAVE CRAMPS, DON”T RUN. Simple listen to you body, if it is tired, it hurts or you just do not feel like running to day, do not. But I read in one of the posting that “a pregnant women should not run no more than , “2miles” –where did you get this Rule if I may ask…I ran 3-4 miles a day 5 days a week, some days I listen to my body and I ran 11/2mile or even walked. You have to listen to your body and your baby. This was my routine, I get up about 6am, stretch, get the walkman on, adjust the heart monitor, to stay in 120-140, run my first mile slow, second mile with a little more pick up, then the last mile slow and when I fished my ran I ran into a walk, cooled down for 20 minutes, and stretch, shower and play some music for the baby, cla__sical music clam my son. In addition, when it came to the labor is was a walk in the park, this was my first baby and I gave birth in 45 minutes. The good thing was my body bounced back fast in 6 weeks, I was back into size 5.


Linda - November 3

Where did you get the "RULE" a pregnant women is to only run 2 miles? I ran more than that and my son was in excellent health at birth. I did my research and used a heart monitor, watch it as if I would my baby, and a simple rule of thumb listen to you body. My doctor monitored me and she was amazed I was in excellent shape and was pregnant. My weight did not change in the first trimesters, in the second trimester I gain some, my baby grew, and he was 7lbs and 4oz at full-term). However, everyone perceives it different, think critical and you will see a different view.


charlene - December 5

hello, I am nineteen weeks pregnant and have always gone for a three mile jog every other day, have carried on doing so and I feel great. don't worry they are well looked after in there!


pritiyc - February 28

hey savanah... I guess it's okey, but do you know that being pregnant was really sensitive? but if you're been into running for along time just try not to go over it!it may harm your baby, and you may also consult your doctor that your into running for you know what's the best thing you can get from it. why dont you try into Walking is always a great answer! Just dont over due it. For instance, dont walk like 5 miles on it at a VERY brisk pace and then expect to be fine the next day,for your guidelines and some other question you can visit this link, this maybe a big help for you.. goodluck to your baby :) yasi escal Look and Feel Great After Your Pregnancy">


cattac - March 1

hey, i'm with all these people...listening to your body is very important. if your body tells you "that's it for the day" then stop. with my first pregnancy i ran until a couple weeks after i found out i was pregnant and then stopped because i was so exhausted. then i started back walking and eventually jogging a month or so later and continued until the end of august (baby was due at end of october). i went running outside one day (in august in heat i shouldn't have been in) and pushed myself a little too hard that day (i was used to running inside with a fan on a treadmill at a slower pace when i was pregnant) and that night i woke up in preterm labor- i woke up thinking i was going to throw up everywhere (i never had m/s) and had diarrhea, dizzy, bad bad cramps and only when i went to wash my pants a couple days later did i realize i'd also bled bright red blood that night. i was terrified and needless to say never ran until after my son was born (i carried him full term). so my advice is to continue doing what you're doing, dont push yourself, maybe slow down a little, dont get overheated and definitely listen to your what your body (and baby) are telling you :)


crissy - March 20

hi. i'm 24weeks and still running 3-5 miles 4-6 times per week. I did much more before the pregnancy, so i have really cut back. my doctor gave me the OK. it just makes me feel even better!! good luck!


Crissy - March 30

Congrats on the pregnancy!! As long as you have your doctor's approval, keep going. I am 25 weeks and I am still going 4-6 times per week...just a lot slower! Good Luck!


mandy - March 31

I read in one of my pregnancy books that you can't beat walking while pregnant.....its one of the best forms of exercise for a pregnant woman. I'm sure there have been women (probably marathon runners) who have continued to run their entire pregnancy, and everything turned out fine, but I did read that once you hit your third trimester its really not advised b/c your babys oxygen needs increase, and when you run you are directing the blood/oxygen away from your baby and it all goes to your muscles that are working hard. I am not saying it is good or bad, but just giving the facts that I know. Also, I've noticed with myself that even if I overdo walking I start getting contractions (BH). I was in really good shape before getting pregnant, and have continued to walk up to this point (I'm now 31 weeks), so just listen to you body, and if you must get intense workouts.....try and wait until after you have your baby.


AmberM - April 11

Im 39 weeks pregnant.. due any day .. and my doctor told me running was perfectly safe... would help the baby move down as well


Brittney - February 5

I am trying to get pregnant and I am a very active and compet_tve runner. I have been running my entire race and I do races every month or so. There is a chance I am pregnant, about a week or so, and I have a 10 mile race this weekend and a 13.1 mile race the next weekend. I have trained for the races but I'm not sure if it is a good idea to run the races and compete like I normally would. Do you think it is okay, or should I just take it easy on the races?


runner1234 - May 4

I run track and I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not. If I am, it's been about 3 weeks. But we ran a hard workout today (12 200s), and I was wondering if running was a bad idea and what could've happened if I indeed am pregnant.


runnershirl - June 1

Runner1234~ While I'm certainly no expert on pregnancy and running, as you can see by my username, I share this interest with you. In fact, I've been curious since I was a runner in high school as to how much or little I could do if I conceived. I was very avid runner (even a state champion in 880 years ago and have even trained for marathons) and took my running quite seriously, but over the last several years (which is now 20 years later) I've adjusted to other activities. My point for mentioning this is that through my years of inquiry given my level of compet_tivenes in running, I was under the impression that you are a runner before conceiving you should be able to continue. Having said that, I understand (although I'm not parent yet) any activity should minimize the level of body temperature and heart rate, although you'd have to ask your dr. about that. I also understand as it relates to me at my older age of 38, that running while trying to conceive could jossle things around, if you're not currently a runner, and for me (becuase I've tried so hard unsuccessfully), I'm not taking any chances until the dr. gives me the green light. If you're young, I don't think that running alone can cause problems, with exception to the heart rate, body temperature and hydration/nutrition issues...all which a qualified dr. could direct you on. Best of luck to you and if you hear otherwise, please post (because I'd certainly like to know if I can go out for a friendly jog once in a while...if I should happen to conceive.) God Bless~Runnershirl


sugarpie1182 - August 29

All the rules like stick to less than 2 miles or a heart rate under 140 are all arbitrary. They are just some number somebody came up with. I took down my mileage for about 6 months trying to conceive with no luck. As soon as I started running more mileage- I finally got pregnant! Every person is different when it comes to effort and heart rate. For the first 1/2 of my pregnancy I did up to 12 mile runs and races at a pretty compet_tive pace. I did workouts which included intervals and sprints. You do not have to stay "able to talk". Whoever came up with these rules didn't know enough compet_tive runners. It won't hurt your baby as long as you feel well. :)



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