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Kaye - October 10

I usually am very active but my first trimester I've been so tired I mowing the lawn is my exercise. My question is once I get into my second trimester I hope to have energy to get back at it. My heart rate is higher naturally and I will shootover 140 easily. Can anyone give me input on what they have done to get back into it and the risks.


karen - October 11

I was like you--so exhausted during the first trimester that I could barely drag myself off the couch. As someone who normally works out about 5 days a week, it was frustrating to see how out-of-shape I've become. Now I am just at the end of the first trimester, but have more energy than I had before, so I have just been walking a lot. I used to think people who walked for exercise were wimps, but now I realize it's much more comfortable and safe than jogging, and gives me more energy.


Miff - October 12

I have continued to run since I found out I was pregnant. I'm six weeks, 3 days but haven't felt tired yet. I actually feel full of energy. I just go for gentle 2-3 mile jogs two or three times a week. I also do yoga every day for about 45 minutes. However I was a bit freaked out last night when I went for a 2-mile run and had two very light yellow-brown spots on my knickers (sorry to be graphic). My tummy felt very empty and had that pulling feeling people talk about during the run. I think I should have had a snack or something first. (though I run on weekend mornings on a totally empty tummy). Anyway, I remained horizontal for the rest of the evening and haven't had any more spotting and no cramping so I think it's fine. It actually helped convince me something is actually going on in there, since my symptoms have been pretty mild!


Angela - October 24

I was so miserable in the first trimester that I didn't believe I'd ever feel good again. And then, boom, around 13 weeks I started to feel better. The second trimester is AWESOME. I started running again more during my second trimester and have only recently stopped in favor of walking because it became uncomfortably in my belly area. I'm now 25 weeks.


shelley Drummond - November 7

have you checked your resting heart rate ? You should definitely do that, otherwise you might have high blood pressure. I have continued to run and I am 8 weeks along. It is hard for me to keep my heart rate under 150 when I run. When it does reach 150 I walk until it goes down, then continue to run. You should try to do your running now because you have to really watch your heart rate after your 1st trimester, plus your belly will grow adding pressure to your pelvic floor. Try to get going now before you get bigger and more uncomfortable.


Rebecca - January 12

Hi Kayle, The American College of Obstetricans and Gynocoliigist made the statement that you shouldn't get your heart rate above 140 in 1984 - they retracted this in 1994 and said it is better to monitor your exertion personally. DO what you are comforable with. Most pregnant women are very careful and I doubt you would overdo it.


Alexandra - January 16

Do what is comfortable for you. You may find that running puts too much pressure on your pelvis, and so walking might be a better option (you can walk on a treadmill with the incline up and still get an awesome workout!). Miff, you may want to ensure that you read up on pre-natal yoga. Certain yoga positions (especially inverted positions) are NOT good for the baby. There are some great references for this online.


terry - February 22

I was extremely tired and nauseous the first 4 months of my pregnancy. I went from working out at the gym 5 days/ nothing at all for those first 4 months. I am 6 months pregnant now, and feel allot better. I have been walking allot in the last month or so. Just listen to your body. do not force yourself to work out if you are feeling bad or too tired....its not worth it. You will start feeling better later on, and there will be plenty of time to work out after giving birth....just do what you can.


laura - March 6

I am active mother in the military. I used to run 7.5 minute miles for at least three to four miles but when I found out I was pregnant my body changed dramtically. My knees began to hurt and I had trouble breathing, of course I did so slow down to about 8.5 minutes per mile. After one and half months, I stop running. Now I am using the elipitcal machine. It has the same movement as running; however, it take a lot of the impact off of my knees. I love it. I am able to do a mile in 8.24 minutes.


Crissy - March 20

Hi, I am 24 weeks and I have continued to run 4-6 times per week. My pace has slowed but just completing the run does so much for my mood!! I was fortunate not to have had morning sickness but I was extremelty tired at first, but that has gotten better. Now I am growing...a little more everyday and i hope to run till much closer to the end!! Good luck!!


kate - April 7

I have a similar question. I'm now in week 12. I was pretty tired up to three weeks ago but since then have been fine. The problem is I quite easily reach 160-170 rpms. I feel perfectly fine but am nervous its not good... My intensity has always been gradual - 10 minute mile. I have lower the time I run to 20minutes instead of 30-35mins. I feel fine throughout and after but am worried as my heartrate seems a bit higher than the guidline of 140 - any advice?


baby_angel_wings - September 5

I think I am preg, I have felt like this for a month. This pulling in my tummy, it went a way a little but now its back. If I am preg I would be about 5 weeks. I tested but for some reason my body doesn't release enough hcg to detect it on a test. This is my second pregnancy if I am in fact preg. 1st one I didn't know I was preg until my 4th month. Thats how long it too for a test to pick it up. I am not sure why.. I know I was sick and gained weight.. hungry.. but I do not remember this feeling of stretching and pulling at my tummy. It starts at My belly b___ton an pulls down to pelvis. its not always in one spot, at times it 2 or 3 different place around my belly b___ton area down to pelvic. Does this sound right?? I have an apt on Thursday.. So I guess I will know for sure then.. Please what are your thoughts?? its been driving me crazy.. oh & my taste is way off and at times smells make me ill.. & I am always thirsty.. thank you for your replys..


maturepregger - July 1

I am now 29 weeks pregnant with my first and 40+ years old. I have been running at least 4 times a week, anywhere from 3-5 miles each run. My pace is much slower but it really helps with constipation, mood swings, body image and all kinds of other things we all go through. Your body will tell you if running is not your gig and you need to try something else during this time - just listen to it!


Smurf - April 4

Im 15wks along in my first pregnancy.... im due September 26th.... im currently in my 2nd trimester... would like to begin running again (cuz its spring) but i dont want to do anything that could harm the baby.... is it okaii to run while in 2nd trimester? or be safe and not run rather than risk it????????


deenamathew - July 30

Going for a run is a quick and effective way to work your heart and body, giving you a mental and physical boost when you feel tired. Plus, like walking, it's easy to fit into your schedule. If you are going for a run during pregnancy is a quick and effective way to work your body.But pregnancy isn't the time to start a running routine, according to Julie Tupler, a registered nurse, certified personal trainer.



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