Sit Ups

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nancy - April 21

is it ok to do stomach exercises like sit ups or crunches is ther any type of safe stomach exercises to do


Rachel - April 23

I wouldn't risk it. Your stomach muscles need to be able to stretch and expand. Working them out will make it harder to do so.


Misty - April 24

I really wondered the same thing because I gained too much weight in my first trimester. I felt horrible and ate too much/ So now I have these embarasing love handles that I want to get rid of. They have DVD's you can buy off the internet that will help to tone your stomach muscles, as well as other muscles, and they are made for pregnant women, and shown by pregnant women. So youu know it is safe, just ask your doc before you start the program. I bought a DVD just today. I will have to wait about a week before I get it though, so I can't tell you how good it works. But, I can say I am excited to be able to do exercises to try to get into shape even while I am pregnant.


Your Personal Trainer :-) - April 29

If you are in good health it is generally okay to do sit-ups/crunches up to your 4th month at which time you should avoid any excercise which requires you to lay flat on your back! hope that is helpful to you!


Chila - May 6

Absolutely. My Doctor recommeded that working your lower back and abs throughout your pregnancy because these are the very muscles you are going to draw upon when you are in labor and need to push. However, that being said, there are safety guidelines that must be followed. In the first trimester, abdominal crunches are fine but as you move to the second and third trimesters, it is not recommended that you lie on your back. Studies indicate too much pressure can be placed on the fetus/umbilical cord (the baby's source of energy and nutrition) when the mother performs exercises while lying on her back. Instead, you can get a great workout, continuing to strengthen those abdominal muscles doing side crunches. My doctor told me to check out some books and tapes at the libraries that can help you learn these side crunch techniques! Good luck!



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