Sit Ups During First Trimester

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Diane - August 23

Is it dangerous to do moderate situps during your first trimester of prenancy?


TAMMY - June 22



Rum Truffle - August 22

I would like to know the same thing? Is it possible to do sit ups during pregancy


fijian - August 22

i wouldnt do it because there is no point. Its because your stomach muscles will actually separate and pull apart to the sides as your baby grows!! Its pretty weird, but true


Laurie - August 23

Yes it is safe to do abdominal exercises during the first trimester but like with all exercises use common sense. If you have never exercised before then you should not begin abdominal exercises now, stick to swimming and walking. If you were exercising prior to your pregnancy then you can continue with your routine. You may need to modify the number of exercises and exertion levels to suit your body.


Carey - September 28

I wasn't sure of this answer, but have been walking and swimming to play it safe - do I like and agree with Laurie's answer.


cathy - September 30

Yes, by all means, if you're already used to doing them. Your back and abdomin need to support you and stay strong.


Amber - December 1

It wont hurt the baby if you do them in moderation.


kate - December 7

Good question.I would like to tone my abs for good pushing power!


rebecca - December 8

Yes, it's o.k. to do your normal sit-up regimen in the first trimester. However, after the 4th month, you should no longer do exercises in the supine position. It can compress your vena cava, lowering your blood pressure, and reducing the amount of oxygen that the baby gets. You can do abdominal exercises geared toward pregnant women after the first trimester.


jami - February 11



Anne - February 15

I did stomach crunches until about 18 weeks, at which point it became uncomfortable. I took that as my body's sign that it was time to stop. Listen to your body. When it's uncomfortable, look for ab exercises in books and videos intended for pregnant women.


micheal - February 15

im am now entering my first trimester and i wanted to know what exercise is safe to do?


Kathy - March 3

I had a friend who taught pilates well into her pregnancy, modifying as necessary. I have been doing the ab work during kick boxing. Doc says its fine. I find sit ups at this point (11 weeks but look more like 18) are more comfy on a stability ball, as it helps support my back muscles.


Christy - March 25

I am getting married in exactly a month and we found out about a month ago that I was pregnant. I have already been fitted for my dress and as of yesterday it is a perfect fit. I don't normally excersize but can i do moderate sit ups to maintain the size my waist is now?


Nastasia - March 25

Not early on in the pregnancy (first 3-4 months).


Michelle - March 28

What about in your second and third trimester. Is there any abdominal excercises you can do to streghnthen your back and abdominals, that will make labour easier?



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