Skiing And Pregnancy

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LC - December 7

We are trying to get pregnant, but we would like to go on a skiing holiday in Feb/Mar'05 in Europe.If we fall pregnant between now and our planned trip, am I able to go skiing?


E - December 12

If you got pregnant now, you should not downhill ski. It is best to avoid all activities which could cause you to fall or slam into things. I realize it is snow that you would fall on but at a high speed, it may be enough to cause problems. I am sure there will be differing opinions on this but I would want to be safe, rather than sorry. It only takes one accident to end a pregnancy. Good luck to you:)


AL - January 6

A friend of mine skiied when she was 12 weeks pregnant. She felt happy doing this as she was told that the baby is still behind the pubic bone at this point, so is protected. I'm not sure I would take the risk though.


Michelle - January 8

I'm 10 weeks and just asked my OB this same question. He said no way, don't do it unless you can guarantee that you won't fall or someone else won't run into you and knock you over. :-( He also mentioned that you want to keep your heart rate under 140bpm which hard to do while exercising and then even harder in alt_tude.


V - January 14

From what I've been reading, if you are an experienced skiier, you aren't having balance or dizziness problems and really take it easy, you can do it , I just found out I'm pregnant one day before we are heading out to Big Bear. We've been planning this trip for six months. I've been considering everything too! My feeling is that I will probably stick to the greens and easy blue runs. I've always been a very cautious skiier anyhow. The main concern is icy conditions and other skiiers and snowboarders being careless and slamming into you. That you can't control. Just some food for thought.


Naomi - January 18

I skiied in my second trimester during a very straightforward pregncy. I was very careful not to fall and I'm a competent skier. My midwife gave me her blessing! I have a beautiful 18 month old boy. I was quite nervous though to begin with...


Jody - February 3

I skiied at 16 weeks with no problems. My Dr. said it was fine as long as I was careful and watched my heartrate. It felt wonderful to get out and make some turns!


Jen - February 17

My Dr. gave me his blessing...I'm skiing at 17 weeks and plan to ski through the rest of the season (unless I start to really feel like I'm off balance).


AL - February 22

I just went skiing at 12.5 weeks. I was very cautious and only was out there for a few hours. If I thought I was in over my head I sat down and slid down on my b___t. If you are at all concerned I would not do it. It weighs very heavy on your mind. I just got back and although I did not have any significant falls I will probably worry until my next doctors visit.


jessie - February 23

not to scare you...but my aunt was pregnant with twins. she was in a horrible ski accident, lost the twins & could NOT have children careful. maybe just snowshoe & drink hot chocolate in the lodge.


MR - February 25

I went skiing at 12 weeks and I plan to ski at 18 weeks. My doctor is against it but if you are an expert skiier you should be fine. Stick to the easier trails and watch the people around you.


Kelly - March 14

My doctor gave me her blessing as well. "If that is your sport, then do it! Until you feel uncomfortable. Be careful as you get bigger because your balance may be off" I actually did a mountain bike race at 16 weeks! People on the trail couldn't get over that I was pregnant and doing the race and how cool that was. I am also an avid snowboarder but decided to not snowboard while pregnant. I have gotten hurt due to other peoples negligence while snowboarding and decided to not take a chance. There are alot of idiots out there and I have had several snow injuries because of it. If you do fall, my doctor says don't try and protect your belly, you will get more hurt. People, she said, "would be better off if they bounced off their belly. The baby is well protected." I am just afraid with skiing/snowboarding of someone slamming into me.


Nikki Salter - July 11

I was 8 weeks pregnant when I went skiing last New Year and I had a nasty fall! I am now 32 weeks pregnant and everything is fine but if i was any more pregnant than 12 weeks I wouldn't have gone as its a risk thats not worth taking! I am an experienced skiier but my fall was due to other peoples ignorance on the slopes so no matter how good you are, there are still other people who will cause an accident and I wouldn't hink this is worth the life of a child!


Bettie - July 29

My friend-a true ripper who's been skiing since she was 5--skied up to the Friday before her scheduled c-section on Monday, then made it back for closing day 3 weeks later. I just found out I'm pg and my first thought was: should I get a ski pa__s? Friend was due April 8, I'm due Mar 28, and I'll ski (I'm an expert) and rip and hope for a season just like last year's 600+'


jill - December 10

THIS is the perfect forum. I like hearing from REAL people who are pregnant and what they've done and been fine with. I would love to ski in the first trimester and thought the concern was alt_tude moreso than falling. I'm not too concerned about skiing now and will head up early in the season before it gets really crowded on the slopes with out of control skiers. I do acknowledge it is a small risk...but I too have a ski trip planned for early January and am way early into pregnancy (few weeks).


Lolly - December 11

My family runs one of Americas oldest ski hills since my Grandfather started it himself and I've been skiing since I was two. I concider myself a very good skier, I almost NEVER fall. But the thing about skiing is you can't control your blind spots and people can have a tedancy to plow into you without any warning if they don't have good control or just aren't paying attention. That has happened to me more than once in my life, and it would definately threaten your pregnancy. I'm pregnant this year during the ski season and every day I go to work wishing I could go. I am not a doctor but have been told skiing is a no no, and as someone who is well -knowledged on the sport I would NEVER recommend it to a pregnant woman now matter how high level of an expert. There are just too many things not in your control, and all it would take is one fall! I would not book your vacation if you are actively trying to have a baby because if you do fall pregnant during, you would be taking a huge risk during some of the most fragile times of pregnancy.


Val Desire - December 12

Practice for now but Europe , hot chocolate , a little wine , fire place , hot tub , sounds like the place to do the trying .



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